Blasphemous | Kickstarter Game (Dark and brutal 2D Platformer)
The highly anticipated Kickstarter title of the Game Kitchen immediately impressed by his magnificent Pixel Art and his astonishing sinister premise. Two years later, we finally put their hands on the brutal action platform game that pays tribute to series like Castlemaine and Dark Souls. You assume the role of the penitent, the only survivor of the massacre of his fraternity, and your task is simple: to raise at the top of the city and break the curse of death and rebirth, while fighting really horrible enemies and the bosses and revenge your order killed. There was an abundance of Metroidvanias in recent years, but many things that Blasphemous is doing better than none of them, and many things slow.

Allow me to do one’s known from the start. This is not a clone of souls. In spite of his influences, the style of the Fire of the Randier and his abruptly satisfactory fight, Blasphemous is really his own beast. Located in the world of Custodial, you will explore a wide variety of areas, all indirectly affected by the Great Miracle, one way or another. Depths devastated by the desecrated tank plague at the oppressive night of the giant bell transformed into Condo’s labyrinth, The Game Kitchen gives an absolute idea in terms of atmosphere and execution. Custodial is probably the biggest attraction for Blasphemous, and explore this world bathed in blood and openly religious zeal has never stopped attracting me.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts made in this direction, I feel that the story is a little too cryptic. The real start of the game is hidden behind a cartoon of Kickstarter, which answers some questions that I had with the plot, but not all. Why has my order been killed? Why do these knights seem to despise me? I think so Blasphemous had a little more cohesion around his story and had the same effort as the one received with his history and his atmosphere, it would have been fully satisfactory, instead of leaving me with some hot questions. I appreciate the presence of Democracies, a recurring NPC that gives an additional story as I progressed in the game. However, all NPCs did not have the same voice quality, some pretty rather mediocre compared to performances stronger.

Fortunately, Blasphemous’s basic gameplay is nice enough that despite the faults of history, I was still looking forward to seeing the other challenges that came throughout the course. The fight is simple, but very satisfactory thanks to the animations extremely well done and the sound design. Every blow of Mea Culpa strikes strong, and the parades resonate with a resounding weight, which allows each attack to feel dangerous to receive. The enemies have a good variety, but I would like to have some more creative creations in addition to what was in place, given the creativity that The Game Kitchen has shown. Each boss was also nice to fight, although some of them easily surpassed others through their creativity, whether visually or mechanically.

A strong moment for me was a boss fight that took place in a vertical scroll arena, which threw obstacles next to the fight. It held me on my guards and when I finish it, I’m buzzing with satisfaction. This same feeling echoes some other fights against more humanoid enemies, requiring learning schemes and exceeding them through the use of the parade or the various prayers that I could use. These particular fights seemed to be the strongest fights. There are also many customization options for The Penal One. You can increase your resistances and movements with different rosary beads you equip. You can also use a number of sword cores that offer benefits at a cost. One of my hearts that held me particularly at heart resulted in more powerful prayers with the disadvantage of causing an additional fervor expense, the equivalent of the MP game. Tracking these hearts also seems satisfying, because some of them are hidden.

The level design of Custodial is strong enough. The areas have a lot of these shortcuts that help you bypass difficult sections. Each level is also filled with secrets that deserve to be deepened. Some puzzles and secrets of the game are also particularly creative because they allow you to find objects that you find or interact with particular objects in the world. In the course of some twenty hours I spent with the game, I finished with 85% success, and I like to think that I did all my best to find things, even though I was disappointed that the total number of slot machines is not quite online. With what I found. Reverse in Custodial is however very tedious, because of a number of misplaced Warp spots and a lack of capabilities such as double jump or super jumping to the night’s symphony, one of the Main inspirations of Blasphemous. The team has provided many downloadable contents for Blasphemous, but it requires additional improvements, because I have found that bugs and problems occurred more often than I wish.

Many people online also report problems ranging from minor problems to decisive problems. Fortunately, I have never met any of the most important, but there have been more than once I have the impression that I could have avoided a death caused by the hit-box of an enemy in particular, or when I missed a leap that it was not necessary. Most blasphemous games are excellent, but the platform does not feel completely set, resulting in frustrating problems. Fighting with some enemies can also look a little Jacky, thanks to strange animation bugs or dialog boxes on some attacks seem to be stunning, do not let me a chance to escape.

In its current form, I will say that if the aesthetics of Blasphemous interests you a little, or if you are a fan of Metroidvania style games, so it’s worth it to check in its current form. I will also say that despite the quality of performance on the Switch version, there are bugs and animations / interactions that may require more settings. Blaspheme in its current state is a strong entrance in the genre, and is certainly near the summit, but with an extra refinement, it could go from an interesting title to a real unavoidable experience.