As of today, December 16, and until next January 6, 2022, Winter fest 2021 event will be held in Fortnite. Over the next few days, users will have the opportunity to obtain a series of thematic cosmetic elements, as well as a pair of skins inspired by Spider-Man: No Way Home.

That’s right, from these moments, you can get a spider-man skin. While there is already a special arachnid suit during this season, The new collaboration is starring Tom Holland. To accompany this dress, you can also acquire the skin of the MJ from Sunday.

During the Winter fest 2021, Fortnite players will also be able to get two attire, two peaks, two wrappers, a glider, steam wake, gesture, lobby track, load, screen, emoticon, spray and banner two sets, Two peaks, two wrappings, a glider, steam wake, gesture, lobby track, loading, screen, emoticons, spray and a banner.

The two sets have a Christmas theme starting with Isabelle and Polar Peel. Anyone who logs through Epic Games Launcher before January 6 can get a third Blizzabelle attire. On related topics, a collaboration between Fortnite and cobra Kai have been filtered.