While the year 2021 slowly but certainly increases its end, dive more and more backpacks (recaps). Also, The streaming platform Twitch does not exempt in this regard. However, it was completely painted one of the great stars of this year, which wonders many fans.

Which streaming star is it?

It is about Ludwig Agree, who is also known only under the nickname Ludwig. Although it is undisputed to the largest and most successful streamers of the year 2021, he is not found in any of the recaps. Apparently, Twitch has left him completely outside in this regard. At least he does not appear in any of the user’s readouts, even if he belonged to the most popular streamers of the year.

From a purely business point of view, this decision is comprehensible. After all, Ludwig moved to the big competitor YouTube Gaming at the end of November. Therefore, Twitch would, in a sense, advertise for the competition if he would emerge in the annual reports.

On the other hand, Ludwig was watching eleven of twelve months of the year 2021 at Twitch and made a sensation there for a lot. Among other things, during a big streaming marathon he could break the record of Tyler Ninja Blevins,

How does Ludwig react to the situation?

The Streamer Ludwig Agree has also logically got wind from the whole thing and bugged a little later via Twitter. There he shows understanding for the decision on the part of Twitch, but can not completely hide its regret.

I’m disappointed that I was completely removed at the Twitch-Recap. Although I understand it from a business perspective, it is still sad to be deleted from the annual rematches so many people. Thanks to all who watched me. I watched I appreciate that.

Source: Twitter

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