This report was created on the occasion of Vorweihnachtsangebots CyberGhost. With this you get paid three months, saving a whopping 84% on the three-year subscription.

Deal: Cyber ​​Ghost VPN for 1.89 euros a month + 3 months free

CyberGhost VPN 2021 Review: Fast & Cheap, But is it Safe?

What brings a VPN?

With an activated virtual private network you are traveling with masked IP address on the Internet. This works as a kind of tunnel is visible through the car from the outside, but inside is still just drive fast and safe. Here your console, your PC or your mobile device establishes a secure connection to a private third-party server. This arises quasi between you and the content that you and round uploads. This has the following advantages:

Encrypted surfing with exchanged IP: Whether in foreign Wi-Fi or at home, do not even know your Internet provider what you’re looking so
Safe Gaming: Encrypted traffic, lower ping times, no blocking and finally safer from DDoS attacks
Advertising and malware are blocked on the net
Fair shopping: pages can call because of your location or user data, now high prices.
Foreign stream in 4K: Special Streaming Server CyberGhost optimized for 35 streaming services and even a Wi-Fi protection is integrated

Cyberghost as a leader
With 45 days money-back guarantee, 7,300 servers and a longer history added together than most VPNs makes CyberGhost its services to over 38 million customers. This feature package you get so only Cyberghost. On Trustpilot the manufacturer is rated the best in the industry.

These features make this VPN unique:

More than 7300 VPN server world
simultaneously use to 7 devices

OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocol
256-BIT AES encryption
Strict No logs Directive
Apps for consoles, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, TVs & Routers
Unlimited bandwidth and data volumes
Protection against DNS and IP Leaks
24/7 Live Customer Support
Automatic Kill Switch
The Highest possible VPN speeds
45-day money-back guarantee

Today CyberGhost VPN for 1.89 euros / Mo: The do differently than the competition! Source: Cyberghost
Moreover, power users secure P2P file sharing can be used with Cyber ​​Ghost. As the modern encryption WireGuard® comes, among other things used.

Cyber ​​Ghost of Christmas for only 1.89 euros a month

Once again we would like the deal of the VPN provider’s point that only a short time running. Interested parties save up to 84% when choosing the 3-year subscription. Thus, customers pay less than 2 euros a month.

Deal: Cyber ​​Ghost VPN for 1.89 euros a month + 3 months free


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