The gaming industry apparently identified a dilemma 2021: PCs and consoles tend to be connected to a screen or monitor and can not be used anywhere. People, however, are comparatively mobile and can, for example, travel away from the bedroom to the dentist and from the hardware store to the kitchen.

So to get gaming where people are where people are, the companies have properly turned up this year: with the release of the OLED switch, the announcement of the Steam Deck, the cloud gaming feature of the Xbox Game Passes and The Sony Leak for merging PS Now and PS Plus was shown where to go — namely everywhere.

Steam deck, Game Pass and Co: Gaming on the go

Gaming companies try either with new hardware (Steam Deck and OLED-Switch) or via streaming (Game Pass and the new PS plus) at any time available at any place — and thus quasi a kind of game -Boy-2.0 age.

While the branch direction of the industry in the annual review becomes quite clear, but my personal 2021 shows in the absolutely opposite direction.

In our picture gallery we show you the best features of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S:

PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X | S: Next gene is only at home

One of the aspects I have estimated 2021 to gaming is the spectacle: the 4K resolution, the brilliant HDR colors and contrasts as well as the (still rare) ray tracing moments. However, the visual optimum can only be made on the screen or TV, from consoles and PCs that can not be transformed into portable mini versions due to their computing power.

Another aspect is the grandiose stories that are told in Games — and their emotional potential. In retrospect, I have spent a large part of the year with the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy on the Xbox Series X. At no time I had the desire to press this gigantic sci-fi universe to a tiny screen to take it into the subway and ruining the readability of dialogues, visual details and control.

In addition, other subway drivers would have witnessed my reaction to the cruel fate of my crew in Mass Effect 2 — and I usually try to avoid desperate outbreaks in public.

Gaming and Corona: Where to do with the portable consoles?

Introducing Nintendo Switch GamePass Service! (Nintendo Switch Subscription Based Concept Trailer)
Of course, at the end of 2021 can not be ignored that the world still sees in a pandemic, whose end is simply not foreseeable. In the consequence I have significantly less use of a portable gaming device, eventually I am unfortunately much less common than previously on the way somewhere.

The world has shrunken for many since 2020 and gaming mobility has radically developed in contrast to mobility of people. Currently, the Gaming of anywhere concept does not seem to serve existential need, as everywhere is currently limited to an tiny space.

I hope that this will change again in the future. But until then I like to let my games at home during my rare trips, rather than visually poorer versions of them from a puzzled audience from strangers who ask themselves why the type with the portable computer does not join its spaceship crew can.

Look here in the video the winners of the Game Awards 2021:

Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and Nintendo showed 2021 that they put more than ever on mobile gaming. But is the gamble from everywhere in these times really a necessary innovation?