The SHE announced the PlayStation VR2 and the new VR controller, the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller, a new VR controller, and the title Horizon Call of the Mountain for the PlayStation VR2 and the new VR controller.

PlayStation VR2 enables a fully new level of VR games to enhance reality and fall into the game world that players have never experienced. Thanks to the latest technology applied to the world’s top-class developer’s creativity and hardware, the scope of the senses that the player can feel when you wear a headset and hear the controller in your hand.

■ PlayStation VR2 Features

The PlayStation VR2 based on PS5’s innovation creates a true next generation through visual factors, new sensory features, enhanced tracking, and simplified single-code settings.

Visual Fidelity: PS VR2 offers excellent visual experience with 4K HDR, 110 degrees viewing angle, and pied rendering. Through the OLED display, the player can expect a smooth frame rate of the display resolution of 2000×2040, 2000×2040, and 90/120Hz.

Headset-based controller Tracking: PS VR2 with Insidal-Out Tracking functionality is mounted on the VR headset through the integrated camera built into the VR headset. Without external cameras, the movement of the player and the current gaze are reflected in the game.

PS VR2 SENSE Technology combines eye tracking, headset feedback, 3D audio, innovative PS VR2 Sense controller to combine the innovative PS VR2 Sense Controller. Headset feedback is a new sensation feature that amplifies the action sensation in the player’s game. It is made of a single built-in motor with an intelligent tactile element with further vibration capabilities, and the player can feel the game play environment more vivid. The player can feel the driving force of the vehicle when the character or the character rushed near the head of the character of the character or the character of the character’s head, which is tensioned at a nervous moment. In addition, the Tempest 3D Audio tech of the PS5 plays vividly by playing the sound around the player and pulls out a sense of immersion.

Gaze Tracking: PS VR2 detects the movement of the eye through the gaze tracking, so only the specific direction can generate additional input to the game character. This allows the player to interact more intuitively based on the same way as new and actual, and improves reality in the game with emotional response and enhanced expression.

All of these development elements in the PlayStation VR2 combine with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the PS VR2 Sense controller to allow the player to felt and interact with the player much more instinctively. In addition, PS VR2 can simplify the installation process and can immediately move to a VR environment with a single cable that connects directly to PS5.

■ Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR2

Full PlayStation VR2 & Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain CES 2022 Reveal
In addition, Horizon Call of the Mountain for PS VR2, developed by Guerrilla and Fire Sprite, was released. Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR2 is designed to implement hardware technology, innovation and gameplay. Amazing visuals and new PS VR2 Sense controllers make it completely immersive to Horizon’s world.

The Horizon Call of the Mountain is fully deployed through the new character’s eyes. With the new character, it can also meet the familiar facial faces with et al. Horizon Call of the Mountain and the main character of the Mountain and this game will be released later.