An absolute Steam surprise hit also finds so great in Japan that a manga will soon appear to the game. What can happen and when you can read in, you will learn here.

2020 was the year for innovative indie games. Especially Among US dominated the second half of the year like no other game. And this is supposed to get its own manga.

According to the Twitter-Account Manga Yogurt Re, which regularly reports about Manga-News from Japan, an Among US one shot should appear in February. The manga is therefore a unique matter, a kind of short story, should be published in the Japanese magazine Beats Morocco.

In the passionate community of the former Steam Top seller, a translation probably will not be long in coming.


Why just among us?

The fact that Japanese Managua video games like to transfer in their medium is nothing new. After all, both the Pokémon manga and the different Zelda manga enjoy great popularity. And that already for many decades.

But why just Among us? Although the hype is flattened around the game, the game still has a great cultural influence. With over 324 million downloads on mobile devices as well as your own Slang words and memes used to this day, the game has one Place as one of the biggest gaming hits of recent years. (Source: Pocket Gamer)

Among US term SUS declare you our colleagues of GIG in the following article:

Who knows, maybe in the future, an Among us anime is expected, in which we are allowed to contribute who the scammers are.

Ant last year you have little among us, but many other games are gambling — and partly properly intense. For the following games you have taken most of the time: