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In the last week, Intel presented many new processors for the pedestal 1700 as part of the CES (Las Vegas), for which there were only three models of the K series, i.e. overclockable CPUs. We look at how the performance of the new models looks like. We do this on the basis of already published tests of trade magazines, with the tests focusing on the Core i5-12400 and Core i7-12700 because of the abundance of new models.

Socket 1700: The Non-K processors and their performance

At the end of the special, we summarize the findings for a current CPU buying consultation, and we also pay attention to overclocking wishes. In addition, we also go to another important topic for the pedestal 1700: the now available motherboards with new chipsets.

Because until a few days ago, there were only the overclocking boards with the chipset Z690, which cost at least 180 euros. If you do not want to overclock, you would therefore indirectly pay a lot on it, as there are several main boards for the alternative socket Intel 1200 and AMD AM4 from about 50 to 60 euros, which are completely sufficient and are not a disadvantage in games.

Table of Contents

  1. Page 1intel Alder Lake: New Non-K CPUs in the overview
    1. 1.1 socket 1700: The non-K processors and their performance
    2. 1.1.1 socket 1700: All important CORE I processors
  2. Page 2INTEL ALDER LAKE: P and E-CORES as well as new motherboards and DDR5-RAM
    1. 2.1 The Core (E) processor: P and E-CORES
    2. 2.1.1New motherboard chipsets and DDR5 RAM
  3. Page 3INTEL ALDER LAKE: Power assessment
    1. 3.1 performance assessment: The Alder Lake Update
  4. Page 4INTEL ALDER LAKE: CPU buying advice and clues to coolers
    1. 4.1 buying advice: CPUs of AMD and Intel

1. 4.1.1 Fitting at the CPU cooler
5. Page 5Pictures Gallery for Intel Socket 1700: The new models in the price-performance check

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Due to the expensive motherboards, in our last consideration, a setup with an AMD Ryzen of the 5000 Series was the better choice, as the price-performance ratio was stronger because of the cheaper motherboard than with one without in valuating the main board per euro faster K model of the new Core I-12000 series.

But the new motherboards for the pedestal 1700 could change the situation, especially if you do not want to overclock anyway and has one of the new Non-K-CPUs. How exactly the situation looks like, we will clarify in the course of the special. But first lists like the new models relevant for gamers along with the three socket already available pedestals 1700 CPUs.

Socket 1700: All important CORE I processors

At the beginning of the year, Intel has covered the pedestal 1700 with a whole lath on new desktop CPUs — all new models have no freely selectable multiplier, so are not overclockable. Among the processors are also particularly power-saving T variants, which we do outside, but not to overload the same as the following table.

There are also nearly 20 models without these CPUs, considering that there are many CPUs as an F version. The letter F indicates that the CPU has no own graphics unit. Anyone who uses a graphics card anyway can choose an F processor (or OF at the overclockable models) and thus always save a few euros.

In the table, we offer you two prizes: for the normal version of the CPU and, if there is such a model, for the F variant. In general, the price sometimes affects the tray version, i.e. the CPU without colorful packaging. These CPUs are intended for PC producers, but also individually available for private customers.

Important for our special: If we call an F or OF model later in the text, it is also meant by the performance of the normal model. Because the only difference is, as I said, the internal graphic unit. This is our tabular overview of the current Alder Lake CPUs:

On the following page we clarify what it has with the P and E-CORES and also come to the performance of the new CPUs.