That Sony plans to provide discord on the PlayStation consoles has no secret since last year. But as it looks, the communication tool seems to be right soon to find his way to PS4 & PS5 — that suggests at least the discovery of a discord user.

Discord on the PlayStation: Player finds important note

In May 2021, a blog post from Sony made a lot of a stir under the PlayStation players. In the article, Sony announced, that the team cooperates with the communications service Discord , which is particularly popular with PC players. The program allows users to create their own servers or join exist ends and to use different text and voice channels to exchange themselves.

In addition, Discord offers the ability to install various bots on the server, which can be used approximately to play music from YouTube within a voice chat, create votes or roll digital cubes. The tool can be used very flexibly and adapted to the needs of users.

Discord about GIG Download

Already at that time, the Blog post from Sony emerged that the PlayStation team works on connecting discord to the PlayStation Network and the communication tool should be available at the beginning of 2022 . There is no official start date for the introduction yet, but if you look at the Reddit Post of the Finding User Rankest, it does not seem to take a long time.

On the picture shared by him, the account link menu of the Discord client can be seen, in which it is also a PlayStation Network button .

Normal Discord users will not find the appropriate entry in your menu so far yet. According to the Reddit user, he first saw the button, after forced-activated after an update.

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Discord: Currently not available on the Xbox

Although Xbox players could already use Discord on their console until recently, but they had to use the detour via the unofficial third-party tool Quarrel. Users, however, report that the app has now disappeared from the Xbox Store. So far, native discord support is missing on all consoles — and the way it looks like, Sony Microsoft seems to face this point.