We looked forward to more information about the last offer of Heart Machine, Solar ASH. The team behind the Hyper Light Drifter Independent Hit gave us some glimpse of the Solar Ash gameplay, with the quick fight we are waiting for them to translate into a breathtaking 3D world. Now after the live broadcast event of the Annapurna Interactive Earlier Editor in the day, we finally have an exact release date for Solar ASH.

Solar ASH is a 3D platform game that follows the trip from Rei, a noterunner who has to go through a brightly colored world but while dying when it tries to save his house with a huge black hole – the ultravoidoid. Like in Hyper Light Drifter, the focus is on fast movements – Rei crosses the world with a fluid and fast movement, with a grapple ready to climb or cross difficult distances.

Solar Ash - Launch Trailer, Sony + Epic
In the description of Epic Games Store, Heart Machine gives a preview pretty vague from what Solar ASH involves: “Travel through a surrealist, living and highly stylized world filled with mystery, high-speed wild crossings, endearing characters and massive dating with enemies. The emptiness calls… “

In the trailer of the release date recently revealed, we have some other glimpses of the beautiful world of Solar Ash, including the giant monsters of the empty that REI will have to shoot in this ultimate effort to save his home. We also see some interesting gaming mechanisms – there seems to be a collection aspect in the game, rei picking up some mysterious red orbs. Will they be used to feed his powers? You can discover the trailer by yourself here!

Solar ASH will be launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Epic Games Store on October 26 – But it is available now on Wish List on Epic Games Store!