In a few months, Nvidia’s new RTX 4000 cards are to be set up. The rumor kitchen is currently assuming that the new graphics accelerators are true power monsters. But for this huge performance growth, PC players will have to reach deep into their pocket – and permanently.

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In about 6 months, the next graphics card generation should go to the start – and although we have overcome the graphics card crisis a few weeks ago. The new models should be significantly faster than the current RTX 3000 graphics cards. However, according to current leaks, this can only be done thanks to a highly increased power consumption .

Already in the past, the two hardware insiders greymon55 and kopite7kimi have evaluated for the steam of RTX 4080, 4090 and 4090 Ti, now the information seems to be more and more concrete. According to the information of Greymon55, the consumption of RTX 4080 is likely to be 450 watts, while the RTX 4090 is swallowing proud 600 watts. Compared to last time, however, the expected stream of RTX 4090 Ti has shrunk something. Instead of 850 watts, the top model should only consume 800 watts.

His colleague Kopite7kimi, however, says a little more bothered on Twitter. He indicates that someone also told him that the consumption of RTX 4090 would be at 600 watts , but it will be too early to talk about it.

For PC players, these information may cause cause folding. Finally, electricity prices have risen rapidly in recent weeks, so that the increased power consumption of the RTX-4000 cards will also be noticeable on the account.

In the rumor kitchen it breaks again. Lately, there have been increasingly new rumors to the GeForce RTX-4000 models, which according to a well-known leakers should go to the start in September 2022 (Source: Twitter / Greymon55).

The hardware leaker Greymon55 has already been correct in the past with its predictions of the more often, but one should consider the assumptions with caution. Greymon55 also assumes that the RTX 4000, probably the GeForce RTX 4090, is about 2.5 times as fast as the RTX 3090 **. That would be a immense performance growth. Finally, the current flagship offers enough power to portray even sophisticated games in 4K fluid.

But these performance jumpers seem to buy expensive ones. For both Greymon55 and Kopite7kimi, another well-known hardware leaker, have heard rumors that say that the new high-end maps become real power-eaters.

The RTX 4080 should consume under load up to 450 watts (without cooling and lighting), at which RTX 4080 Ti should already be 650 watts and at the RTX 4090 even incomprehensible 850 watts .

For comparison: The TDP of RTX 3090 Founders Edition is including cooling and lighting at 350 watts. So it seems like NVIDIA would purchase the performance thrust through an immense increase in power consumption – and that should be clearly noticeable in the calculations of the PC players . We press the thumb up that the consumption of the new graphics cards in the end are clearly below the values ​​from the leaks.

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RTX 4000: NVIDIA GPUs are likely to consume massive electricity

If you just want to buy a new graphics card, you have to grab deep into your pocket. The prices have been rising again for a few months – and that, although in the fall of 2022 the next GPU generation is in front of the door.

Currently, details about RTX 4000 and RX 7000 are still rar sown, but the well-known hardware leaker Greymon55 has now found an interesting information about Nvidia’s next flagship, the GeForce RTX 4090 . It assumes that the top GPU is reached a real power-eater and reaches a TDP of 550 watts . For comparison: The current top model, the RTX 3090, has a TDP of 350 watts, the consumption of the 2080 ti was at that time at 250 watts.

If the guess of Greymon55 turns out to be true, some PC players should encounter properly in front of their heads. For such a high power consumption, the difference at the end of the year would be clearly noticeable on the electricity bill **.

In addition, it must not be forgotten that heat development would increase due to the increased power consumption. In other words: The graphics card will be much harder to cool and could heat up your premises in the summer.

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AMD graphics cards will also consume more

But not only the new NVIDIA graphics cards could be genuine energy in the upcoming generation. Greymon55 assumes that could also land AMD’s top models at a TDP of about 500 watts . For many PC players, a change of the power supply should be necessary at the latest. Reading Nvidia’s new graphics card is twice as expensive as the RTX 3090 Robert Kohlick But until the time has come, it takes a while. Currently one goes out of it that NVIDIAS RTX-4000 graphics cards go to the start in October 2022 , AMD’s new models should then be in the stores in the early 2023. Whether the new GPUs can then be available for the EIA, or thanks to the chip crisis and the scalper the prices are back to the height, remains to be seen.