The character editor of Elden Ring allows completely delocated creations and leaves no fan. Both the colors as well as the proportions of nose, mouth and Co. can once again assume abstruse.

For example, the GameStar editorial team shows what creative ideas they had and which offers possibilities of the extensive character editor. Also on the internet, fans proudly present their created beings. A player has erected the character editor so far that he created a figure, which we actually know from a completely different video game.

Ganondorf comes to the intermediate country

What has he created? On RedDit shows User PalamationGaming, which is all possible with the character editor of Elden Ring. He presents a character with greenish skin, red hair, a tattooed forehead and a shiny, imposing armor:




Elden Ring Character Creation - Ganondorf

If this figure is familiar to you? The character is modeled in the villain Ganondorf, who has as an antagonist numerous performances in the legend of Zelda series. This Ganondorf specifically has as inspiration sources The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors, a musouflor of Zelda games.

The armor, which he uses for his subsequent Ganondorf, has the player from the endboss Starry Radahn. He made the rest of the appearance only with the help of the character editor so that he really knows Ganondorf.

The following video shows in which world the self-created Ganondorf can now overthrow:

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Ganondorf to imitate

The comment column clearly shows that the community is completely out of the cottage about the self-created Ganondorf. User FriendofBirb finds only praising words for the look:

That’s tough. Go a pair of Hylianic skulls smashing.

Even user J-Raine can hardly be braked before enthusiasm about the appearance of the subsequent Ganondorf:

[…] This is the most impressive elden ring character I have ever seen.

If you want to postpone the Ganondorf yourself: The creator has shared the values ​​for the slider from the character editor so that you only need to take over the values ​​to pull the king of the Gerudos through the Zwerland.

Which characters have you already rebuilt with the character editor?