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** \ – Teaser site and new video electric disclosure,

\ – Every week’s official KakaoTalk channel will be scheduled for various content series

** \ – Mobile games that foster characters with the best topics, the leading of the subcrete genre,

This year’s top expectation ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby’ has been preparing to launch earnest.

Kakao Games (CEO) (CEO) (Representative Gyeon-hyun) opened a new video of the Mobile Games ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby (“Umamusume’), which was developed by Games (Representative Watanabe Koichi), Causal Co., Ltd., and released new images.

The ‘Umamusume’, which is ahead of the release, is a sorting simulation game of a subcrete genre that is aimed at aiming to foster a string that is a motif of the race, and aims to win the race. Especially, last year, last February, he exceeded 1,300 million downloads, and it is a topic that is attracting great attention to domestic and global users, as well as Japan,

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Mobile Game - Demo Gameplay + Official Trailers (Android/iOS)

At this time, the teaser site, “Special Week”, “Special Week”, ‘Silan Suzuka’, “Tokai Tao”, to the key visual, which can feel the livelyness of an attractive character, and the curiosity of the users has been promoted to the introduction and slogan.

In addition, the Cacao Games official YouTube channel was first released a new teaser video. In the video, in the game ‘Trezen’ s, a ‘Uma Musume’, a ‘Trenic Academy’, a “Umamusume”, which is a unique atmosphere of ‘Uma Mousme’.

In addition, we will upload a variety of content on the official KakaoTalk channel every week. For users waiting for a game until the launch, we can see the game in the game in the game. I plan to introduce a colorful.

Cacao Games plans to publish game information sequentially for new “Umamusume Priti Derby” through the teaser site, and for more information on ‘Umamusume’, “Umamusume” official teaser site and official KakaoTalk channel, Cacao Games can be found in the official YouTube channel.