Every year is the same and the debates arreciate at the end of the splits to designate the most valuable player or mvp . Each one has its foal and preaches for your parish. Candidates are usually numerous, but in the end there can only be a single winner. If from outside, this individual distinction may seem anecdotal, it still attracts a lot of greed among the elite players. At the end of a race, there are only trophies, prizes and records.

Several players have managed to win the MVP title on several occasions. While this year our heart ranges between Vetheo and Hyllisang , it is time to go back in time to see who has put its name on the list more times… The lucky winner is still active, but already It is not in the Lec, but it is distributing firewood in French LFL.

The full list of LEC MVP

FNATIC and G2 at the top

Playoffs Predictions | EUphoria | 2022 LEC Spring S9 EP9
You see and review the rivalry between fnatic and g2 . The two most successful structures of Europe logically have many MVP titles. Of the 16 distributed distinctions (there was no MVP in 2013), the two giants have won up to 12 times . The rest of the European League teams had to settle for the medal crumbs for Alliance, Unicorns of Love, Sk Gaming and Rogue. Voting methods have changed regularly over the years, but the results remain very often the same.

KC Rekkles, a legend of the LEC

When I realize this little top, we can not avoid talking about Rekkles . Although some are still struggling to realize the Swedish pedigree, it should be noted that it has the record of MVP won in the LEC with up 4 medals. However, the ADC runs the risk of keeping this record by a Time (even if caps is lurking). We always ask ourselves why a legend as he plays in ERL and not in LEC. But it seems that our French colleagues are happy with him, so there does not seem to be any problem for them.