The PlayStation Network is Down. At the moment both PSN and the PlayStation Store as well as PS plus offline. This means that you can not use any of the online functions of your PS4 and PS5 at the moment, which requires the services. This is likely to succeed all those sour enough, which want to play online now. We look what could be and keep you up to date when there are new developments or the PSN goes online again.

Playstation Plus Servers Down PS5 PS4 Update Fix 2022

PS Plus and PSN Offline: Is that related to the PS4 / PS5 update?

PSN DOWN: Currently are PSN and PS plus offline. Anyone who wants to log in to the PlayStation Network is likely to have problems at the moment regardless of his location. This shows, among other things, on the relevant troubleshooting pages on the net or if you try it yourself. From Sony PlayStation itself, there is no statement to the situation at the moment of publication of this article.

Server status: Offline. At the moment, the PSN servers are unavailable. As soon as that changes or we know more, we update this article.

It could be: That PSN is down, of course, various reasons can have different reasons and an official has not yet announced Sony. The assumption is suggested that the failure and fault could have had something to do with the firmware updates for PS4 and PS5, which were rolled out today.

The firmware update for PS5 with the number 22.01-05.00 brings mainly improvements to the user interface. That is, for example, you can spin your favorite games at certain points of the screens videos or apps and more. Here you can find all information:

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PS4 / PS5 update:

22.01-05.00 / 9.5 is live, lets wait for important feature


Normally, however, not the complete PlayStation Network collapses if a firmware update for PS4 and PS5 is rolled out. So it could also stuck something else behind it. That both falls on the same day, but at least it looks as if it may have to do with each other, even if correlation does not have to be causality.

Do you really want to play online? Wait a yearning that the servers go online again?