On the 30th, Purt, Bis announced that the regular shareholder’s general meeting was held,

Heavy Pulse Bis New CEO has been a leader with a leader in the COO of COO on the time of COO and the operations of Bis game services and operations. In the future, the CEO is planning to bring global growth through the successful development of the Bis Types of Mobile China launches and red desert and mobiles.

“Pulse, Bis has been trying to become a top game company to become a top game company,” through the inauguration greeting, “Pulse Bis has been trying to become a top game company with a common goal to develop and service a good game based on the best technology since its establishment.” Black Desert Mobile Chinese services said to have a good performance to bring as much achievements as well as a long time for a long time with local publishers. ” “Red Desert, Goblin, Plan 8 is a good performance in the traditional console market, which has developed as a Quality that can compete with the global AAA masterpieces based on the next-generation engine ‘BlackSpace Engine’, “He added.


On the other hand, in the Bis 13th General Assembly, a total of five agendas have been passed through the financial statements and consecutive agenda of financial statements and consultation of financial statements, consecutive agencies, and conspiracy of conservative approval.