It is time again for a community vote in Destiny 2, with which you influence the fate of your guardian! Well, so crass it is not ^ ^ The developer of Bungie let you vote again, which armor ornaments want to have the festival of the lost 2022 in the game. As a reminder: In 2021, the bungista was votes between the Filmonster and the Dino Look.

What we did not know yet: 200,000 votes were delivered in 2021 in the voting and 81 percent of these votes have gone to Team Dino, so it says in the current Twab **** of March 31, 2022. OO gets out of the ground # Teemonsters in the 2022 vote against #techmechs another chance. Every Destiny 2 player who has played since February 22, 2022 and awarded his vote in the vote then gets the chance to the festival of the lost 2022 in October and November the chance to watch the winner look for his class with gloss dust or silver in the eversever Shop. Oh, and for the vote itself there’s an emblem reward!

#teammech and #teammonster

Before we go to the details of participation in the vote, the two concepts are admired to admire this time against each other.
Concept of Monster Look Source: Bungie # Teemonsters had already appeared in 2021 his appearance and apart from the fact that the designs are in more detail this time has been at the King-Kong Look (or Mechani-Kong) of the Titanium and Not much changed at the Mecha-Godzilla appearance of the hunter. On the other hand, at the Warlock, whose outfit was originally inspired by the Gill-Man, a lot has happened. The helmet is more compact and – in appearance – become more threatening. The outfit is not so… clearly cheesy 50s water monsters. Good this way!
Concept of Mecha Look Source: Bungie
The inspiration for #Teammech seems to be primarily at Gundam, at least the titanium sports the absolute Robolook. But generally, the optics of Titan, Warlock and Hunters reveal the hearts of all Mecha fans. Bungie could not have found a better combination of looks that compete against each other in the Destiny 2 Community Armor Vote.

MECHS VS MONSTERS / Which Armor Set Gets Your Vote? / Destiny 2

How do I agree with #teammech or #tammonster?

Those who have signed up via their bungie account for e-mails from Bungie will receive a mail with the link to the survey from 7 April until April 13, 2022. If you are not logged in to the mails, then you can catch up by 6 April 2022. On April 13, 2022, the vote is closed and from 19 April 2022 all players who participated in the vote will get the following Broken Barriers emblem.
The Broken Barriers Emblem Source: Bundie When the outcome of the survey is made public, which is of course in the hands of Destiny 2 developers (Buy 19.50 €). But which ornament set would you prefer to see in the game – Mechas or Monster? Or do not make both concepts? Think of it: In the game, the ornaments look different, among other things, thanks to lighting! The was already with the dinos so.

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