For most Eldenring , Corhyn, your friendly incorporation dealer is in the solid table round. While making progress in Elden Ring, Corhyn will decide to go to the search for Goldmask, and will no longer be in the Roundtable Hold. Just like many other NPCs, you have to help him find this gold mask person as Corhyn can not find them al1. Of course, it can be quite difficult to find goldmask without a direction and without any idea what it looks like at all. Let’s talk about where you find Goldmask and what you need to do for the rest of Corhyn’s quest series.

Where you can find Goldmask for Corhyn in Elden Ring

After you have managed to achieve the Altus plateau, you can officially start with Corhyn’s quest series. The next time you talk to him in the festivals of the round table, Corhyn will inform you that he plans to go to the search for Goldmask. After recharging Roundtable Hold, Corhyn has disappeared. You will find it next to the shrine with the map for the Altius plateau. When he talks to him here, he will say that he did not find Goldmask, but he has new incantations he can sell them.

After you have bought everything from Corhyn, what you want, you have to go north. On the map you should see the remains of a broken bridge, which runs south of the north. You will find Goldmask at the northern end of the broken bridge. In conversation with him nothing will happen. Goldmask does not speak, but just shows the sky. At this point you can return to Corhyn and tell him that you have found Goldmask. Corhyn will travel to stand next to him, if you are resting next time a place of grace. If you talk to Corhyn while he’s next to Goldmask, he will be able to sell you even more incantations.

The next part of the quest begins only when you reach Leyndell. Both Corhyn and Goldmask pull into the city and can be found on a cliff near the Colosseum. Both are confused by a mystery and need your help to solve it. The solution to this puzzle is actually the solution for the regression message that can be found in front of a statue in Leyndell. After you have solved this puzzle, you can give Coryhyn and Goldmask the solution where they met them.

After resting in a place of grace, the duo pulls back to the bridge south of the ruins of the star jack. After completing the crumbling Farum Azula, you will find Goldmask again in Leyndell, Ashen Capital, but at the foot of the Colliseum cliffs. If he talks to gold mask, he will give you the repair rune of the perfect order. When you return to this place after resting in a place of grace, you can find the gold mask set on which it was.

Elden Ring: Full Corhyn Questline (Complete Guide) - Where to get Goldmask Armor Set

Corhyn can be found on one of two places. He can be found in Leyndell, the capital of the ashes, at the foot of the huge spiral peers. The other place where he can be, are the ruins of the Stargucker, on the bridge that connects the ruins with a small ground tree. Regardless of what place she finds him, you have to talk to Corhyn and exploit all its dialogues. If you rest in a place of grace and return to where you have found him, you will find Corhyn’s bell camp and Corhyn’s robe on the floor where he was.

This completes Corhyn’s quest series. If you have missed one of his manifold formulas, you can give the ball bearing to the seller in the table round and have access to Corhyns. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

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  • This article was updated on March 31, 2022

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