We remember that last month, the Amazon Games teams in charge of the Western operation of Lost Ark indicated their desire to slow down the deployment of new high-level content: some players painted obviously Keeping the pace of this forced step and some saw there a diverted way to encourage players to use the shop more to progress faster.

In this context, Amazon Games details Lost Ark’s upcoming updates for the next few weeks and the operator says Focus on “Horizontal” additions ** – which offer new features, and not New content: “We want to give more time the time to reach the end of the game before putting the legion raids online (the ultimate raid experience of Lost Ark), and to guarantee that you can explore Archeasia and progress at your own pace without feeling obliged to rush to the end of play content. “

Lost Ark - Content, QoL, Classes, Legion Raids! April & May Roadmap Release

This month of April will therefore be marked by the addition of a new class specialization, the latties , an advanced class of the martialist. The laundry manie launches and swords, and has two separate sets of capabilities, focusing (bound to the sword for launching stunning attacks) and unleashing (associated with the lance to chain attack). According to the operator, the gameplay issue of the Lancière is based on the balance of the two postures to better develop synergies between its two weapons.

And for players who would rehabilitate to change class, the April update will also open the doors of the continent of Bern-Sud , for exploration lovers.

In May, Amazon Games will analyze the statistical data of the players and if they are large enough to have the necessary object level, the legion raids (the most difficult to date in the South Korean version of the MMORPG) may be deployed. Conversely, they will be delayed again.
Still, in May, the operator will add a new class specialization, the destroyer , an advanced class of the warrior. The destroyer uses a hammer of the mass so colossal that it influences gravity: “The destroyer can slow down, project, push and attract enemies, all that need to destroy them totally”.
The studio also plans to deploy the “caretaker raids”, guard raids whose object level is adjusted according to the challenge of the instance.

The details of April and May updates, confirmed or temporary based on the level of players’ progression, is available here on the official website. By then, we will draw up that Amazon Games is obviously playing equilibrists: offer enough new content to renew the gaming experience and retain the players sustainably (this is the challenge of the exploitation of a MMORPG and Lost Ark does not escape), but without discouraging players who progress at their own pace and do not necessarily find themselves in a frantic race at the end-game – and it may be one of the specific difficulties of The exploitation of Lost Ark: The original South Korean version fits precisely in a race to add content to satiate South Korean players very prompt to always advance faster.