War ash are essentially the same as the weapons arts we saw in Dark Souls III, except that this time, they can be collected individually and placed on any adequate regular weapon of their choice. This offers a variety of constructions in Elden Ring and allows players to create some truly unique constructions. Here is How to get the Ash of War step by Bloodhound at Elden Ring.

Get the Step Ash of War from Bloodhound in Elden Ring

  • Go to the DragonBarrow region in Caelid.

  • Go to the northeast to Lenne’s Rise, and you will see a bridge right in front.

  • Rest at a site of grace or wait until it’s at night so that the chief of the cavalry of the night appears.

  • Defeat the cavalry at night to get the Ash of War step of the Bloodhound.

The cavalry of the night is not too difficult to overcome, assuming you are at an appropriate level for Caelid. Like all the other heads of Night’s Cavalry, you will want to take your time to dodge your blows and try to kill your horse to fall to the ground, which makes it much more vulnerable. This battle can also be easily handled on horseback.

The passage of the blood is one of the most useful warflowers that you can get in Elden Ring. It can be placed in any body-to-body weaponry and it gives you an extremely fast side step when you hit L2 / LT. It also consumes very little FP, and it can be useful when you are forced to walk slowly in a swamp, or when you face incredibly hard heads like Malenia.

That’s all you need to know about How to get the Step Ash of War from Bloodhound at Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

Ash of War Bloodhound's Step - Invisible Dodge - Elden Ring

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