In the first quarter of this year, the Chinese mobile game market was in the Mobile Game market, and the Huebo bus (Miho) bought.

According to the 7th Market Research Sensor Tower, Tencent’s ‘Prince Young’, ‘Battleground Mobile’, ‘Warrior Ground Mobile’, the ‘Winning Ground Mobile’, the Overall Stringing of the Chinese Games Market, and the most revenue in the world worldwide..

Tencent games — как самая дорогая компания Китая захватывает рынок: игры, WeChat, акции
Tencent’s ‘Prince Young’, Battle Ground Mobile was $ 735.4 million (about 89.6 billion) and $ 643 million (about 784.7 billion won), respectively, in the first quarter. It was 3rd to record $ 51 million (about W622bn) of the aelbo.

From January 1 to December 14, the ‘Prince Young Yo’ and ‘Battle Ground Mobile’ are $ 2.8 billion (about W3.41 trillion won), and the primary is $ 1.8 billion (about 2.22 trillion won) It appeared to upload it. Roblocks were aggregated by $ 1.3 billion (about 1.58.9 billion won).

The game market in China is not a municipal. Without issuing for about 9 months, about 14,000 small studios in China, until December last year, and the byte dance game studio has dismissed dozens of employees.

Nevertheless, the Chinese mobile game has a globalization on the background that earns many sales. Since last July, China’s Pans (operating permission) is not issued, while regulations are enhanced, Tencent and the Ahn Yuje bus are evaluated that they are walking successfully while entering the global global.

Tencent and the biggest game rival in China, Netsiz, are pouring on the entry into overseas and followed.