After last three wins in a row, the FC Schalke 04 is back in the hot aside race of the 2nd Bundesliga. A pünktchen is only the residue at the first of two direct climbing places, which is currently the SV Darmstadt 98. Regardless of the ligament literacy from the coming summer, a question in Gelsenkirchen is currently being discussed particularly intensively: the after the open head coach post after the end of the season.

For Interim Trainer and Schalke-Original Mike Bükens, it is clear that after the 34th match day he wants to move back to the second link in the S04 professional – despite his recent winning streak and the louder recalls from the environment of the club, as a permanent solution on the Chef’s chair to take the Schalke team.

The powerful role of the co-trainer in the club is likely to become a problem for the successor search, the FC Schalke actually manifest the rewriting into the Bundesliga.

Report: Leitl No more serious candidate at FC Schalke

Recently, the narrow speculation had made the round that the current Fürth head coach Stefan Leitl should be one of the top candidates on the post of the wüskens successor. According to information of the well-informed “West German general newspaper”, Leitl is currently not a serious option at S04.

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According to the media report, the club bosses for Interim Trainers board Peter Kübel also realize that there is only a list of potential trainer names. A distinction, who only for the second and who would be in question for the first league, should therefore not exist.

It is clear that experiences in the scope with Interim Trainery crises are very high above in the request profile of the coaching job at FC Schalke 04. And that regardless of whether it will continue 2022/2023 in the Bundesliga or 2nd Bundesliga.