The videogame industry has seen a series of important acquisitions during the last year, and it seems that Embrocer Group is looking for new studies to buy. Currently, the company owns developers such as Gearbox Software, Saber Interactive, Deep Silver and Thq Nordic. In an interview with financial times, CEO Lars Wingefors declared that he plans to bring more studies under the company’s umbrella, specifically those who already have a high success rate. Embracer wants to find companies that are well managed and allow them to continue doing what they best know how to do, with minimal supervision.

“From a commercial point of view, we do not have a central commercial decision making,” said Wingers to the Financial Times. “Looking at other companies, they have had problems when they put too many layers of directors and managers and begin to control the creators, that’s when they begin to fall apart.”

The comments of Wingefers arrive less than a month after I grows complete the purchase of Dark Horse Media. After the purchase, the CEO of Dark Horse, Mike Richardson, remained in the company, which seems to confirm the imaging approach. Dark Horse is the tenth operating group to grow and joined to improve the transmedia capabilities of this last company. As it embers incorporates more development teams, Wingefors believes that it exerts less pressure on games that need to be great financial successes.

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“If you can make a game, you have a great commercial risk, but if you make 200 games, as we do, the commercial risk is lower,” said Wingefors.

The CEO obviously did not go into details about the plans of embers group, but it did affirmed that they are looking for more free games. Embracer is located in Sweden, but the company wants to continue expanding its presence in several other countries, including EE. UU., China, United Kingdom, Poland and France. It remains to be seen how things will be developed for the company, but it certainly seems to grow is making great plans to expand!

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