If you live in France, whether in the capital or not, you necessarily know Paris Games Week. This video game show welcomes with each edition of the hundreds of thousands of players come together around their common passion. The Sell has just confirmed the holding of a new edition this year. But if today the PGW has become a unavoidable French, it has not always been the case. Back on the history of the PGW, Challenger to Top 3 World Trade Shows dedicated to video game.


When France wanted its own video game show

Let’s go back twenty years back, in 2002. While the E3 and Tokyo Game Show has existed for more than five years, the desire to launch its own living room emerges in different countries. In Germany, we see in particular arriving the Games Convention . Standing in Leipzig, his first edition brings together no less than 80,000 visitors (journalists not included) for 166 exhibitors, not bad at all for a start. That year France also inaugurates its own living room: The Micromania Game Show. As its name suggests, this show was created by the well-known chain of stores: Micromania. It was his marketing director, Grégory Tizon, who had the idea of the project. Initially, it had to allow the loyal customers of Micromania to have their own private event. But if this video game fair allowed to play and discover upcoming games, its very nature made a show at the hearing Limited, interesting only too little publishers and developers.

It is therefore safe surprise that another initiative emerged in 2006: the video game festival (or paris game festival), organized by the company Games Fed. October 7th and 8th, they were 21,000 curious To discover this new living room (for about twenty exhibitors). If these figures are much less important than those of the Games Convention four years earlier, they did not prevent the video game festival from retaining the experience the following years and to grow for Biggest video game video In France. He even stood out from his competitors, especially with his desire to reward the French video games of the year through different rewards (the Milthon). But impossible to catch up with his German counterpart, which from 2004 exceeded the bar of 100,000 visitors. If at the scale of France The show is an event, worldwide it weighs little in the industry and is missing exclusives or even games to present.

It is to overcome this great gap that Games Fed closer in 2009 from the Sell, the union of leisure software publishers. At that time, this great organization aimed at promoting the interests of game publishers already had 23 members, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft or Sega. In addition, she had already launched, from 2006, her own Festival, The Interactive Digital Entertainment. Thought as an appointment Business to business, it already gathered more than fifty important players in the middle. In other words, the union had a report more than privileged with developers, publishers and other manufacturers. Not surprisingly, associate with them on a living room made for the players was the best thing that happened at the video game festival.

It is indeed a recording for the video game festival in 2009. They are 60,000 to have taken their place to finally discover real exclusives and can enjoy a compelling offer with any one of which Exhibitions abroad. Safely, the video game festival is ready to reach peaks and impose itself as a key video industry, and this worldwide. Yes, but here, the SELL vision is not necessarily compatible with that of the event. The latter wants to address those called the Hardcore Gamer, while the union hopes to affect a much wider public. That’s why, if the video game festival took place in 2010, It was facing a competitor of size: Paris Games Week, organized by the Sell. **

The German model

Be aware that the Games Convention will experience a similar fate, replaced by the Gamescom of the German publisher’s union from 2009. But focusing on browser games, the salon managed to survive despite everything.

For the FJV, it’s the fall. The organizers have been prevention that the living room would be much less ambitious this year, nothing does: visitors are disappointed. To overcome the desertion of many publishers, they had try to find solutions, putting a lot. On independent games and dedicating part of the event to board games and roles. But that will not be enough. If visitors are more likely than the past year (and even more than the PGW 2010), the future of the video game festival is already traced. The year after, Jonathan Dumont, founder of the festival, will give up his baby to merge with the PGW and integrate a space dedicated to the French creation, only vestige of the old biggest video game lounge in The country (which will then be replaced by the Games space Made in France of Capital Games).

The dazzling rise of the Paris Games Week

Thus born the Paris Games Week, a lounge with a concealed goal of become the French reference in the world of video game fairs. To do this, the Sell leads a particularly aggressive communication campaign. Because the living room benefits not only from a large number of publishers but also public figures (Omar and Fred, Sébastien Loeb, Amel Bent…) Play with their fans. So that even the micromania game show, playing yet on another ground, changes in size and date to finally move towards a single evening dedicated to the parallel video game of the E3. From 2011, the Paris Games Week becomes the only event of the genre in the Paris region. And this is of course on the number of visits, which explodes. That year, the Saler of the Sell manages to gather 97,608 certified visitors, almost twice as much as in 2010.

Over the editions, the Sell sees things big, always increasing a little more the surface to propose more events. In addition to the game presentations, the event is the luxury of welcoming the finals of different world competitions of the ESWC. For an event always more public, it even tackles other sectors, like extreme sports with the FISE final in 2012 in particular.

But the show reaches its culminating point in 2015. That year, Sony decides to present one of its live lectures from the Paris Games Week. The day before the opening of the show, Jim Ryan, President From Sony Computer Entertainment, came to show us new horizon images: Zero Dawn, Tekken 7, No Man’s Sky, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End or Ratchet & Clank. As for small WORLD Premiere of the evening, we remember the creative Dreams game and the presentation by David Cage de Detroit: Become Human. Rebelote at the 2017 edition, where we had the right to the announcement Deghost of Tsushima and Concrete Genie, while God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man or The Last of Us Part II S ‘ were revealed a little more with exclusive images.

Add many stands managed by content creators, associations or schools, and you get a very public lounge that now comes with the most emblematic international events. Thus, in 2018, the Paris Games Week became the third largest video play show in the world in terms of visitors, in front of the Tokyo Game Show and, above all, the Holy E3.

better than the E3?

But then, if the Paris Games Week receives more visitors than the E3, does it mean it would be better than this iconic event? That’s what some might think. But it is important to remember that first, the E3 is only accessible to the public only for a short time. In addition, places for the general public are very limited. If that was not the case, it was hard to bet that the E3 would be far ahead. Especially that the two events do not play in the same yard.

If one is rather oriented towards the press and the ads, the other gives everything on the entertainment and a younger audience. It is also for that reason that many have little to disavow it, no longer recognizing in this turn yet started from the beginning. It must be said that attracting a young and wide audience can have its disadvantages. In 2013, the show had been the scene of a riot around the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision wanted to offer the first 500 arriving on its stand a prestige edition of its game (worth € 200). We know it now, when there are valuables (or a picture with his favorite influencer) at stake, there is most danger. The latecomers were quick to force the passage, destroying and hurting all those who could be on their way. Add to that long queues to get their hands on a small demo and you get a hated lounge by some.

Others simply see more interest. Ads are rare today at the PGW. Sony conferences and its WORLD FIRST appear far away, almost forgotten. The PGW has become a place of pure entertainment, where we imagine badly discovering big ads. But that does not mean that all hope is lost . With the absence, again, the E3, the PGW could well seize the opportunity to put back on this niche. Especially with the previous two editions canceled, the Sell had time to work his program, perhaps reserve us some surprises for the 2022 edition. In any case, if Nicolas Vignolles, Sell General Delegate, focuses on the celebration side above all (and therefore entertainment), it promises us all from Even reunion _ “unforgettable” _. It remains to see what it means by that.

Note that the 2022 edition of the Paris Games Week will be held from 2 to 6 November in Paris Expo (Porte de Versailles, Paris). The ticket office will open on June 15 on the official website of the PGW.


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