Even though it ranked at the last minute with a very good phase of playoffs, the season of koi in Superliga had very important aspirations. Surely no one expects a great revolution for the summer season, but it is possible that new faces appear in the club or that certain key points are retained in the org chart of the purple team.

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The past night jumped through a message from Alejandro “ anonimotum ” Gomis, one of the most recognized insiders of the entire Professional League of Legends. The IBAI LLANAS team and Gerard Piqué would have paid for the rescission of the Danusch Contract “ Arvindir ” Fischer, Technician of the German Big team, so that it became the new trainer of the tents.

The reunion with two Koi players

It is a signing that says a lot about the new Koi of the summer season. On the one hand, Arvindir worked with Season and SLT in Big , getting to get the spring season of the Prime League German with both in 2021, as well as summer and only with support. This makes practically confirming the position of both in summer, just as they are given a vote of trust with a technician who took out the best of them.

In the same way, a rumor that is being discussed a lot, as is the possible arrival of Steven “ Reezer ” Chen, current Midlaner de Mad Lions in Lec . The German season on Elyoya’s team has been quite loose, but that does not take away that it was trained to arvide in Big, and that it is a path that SLT has already undertook at the Spanish Erl with Koi.

If this last move is confirmed, the unknown would be that it will happen with Jorgen “ Hatrixx ” ELGAEN. The player is one of the most talented team, with great experience in Erls, and I could well find accommodation in another European club. Nor would we know that he would pass with Jesus “ Falco ” Pérez, current technical team. The Superliga season will start at the end of May or early June, so there is still time to announce all adjustments to the template.