Ether Shards This type of crystal that can be used to improve talents in Call of Duty: Mobile. In particular, undead siege zombie regime, in which you can play both one and with the team. However, in order to increase your chances of getting the ether fragments, you will need to play matches in hard mode That is strongly recommended a strong team.

The murder of zombies and performing daily tasks often reward you with ether fragments and ether crystals that you can then use to improve your talents with lobby screen. In addition, fragments can also be used to improve your tower Weapons , , Weapons , *Instruments.

To fold the ether’s fragments, you will need to form a command and go through five nights in Undead Siege in hard mode. It can be quite difficult, so it is better to collect a strong team combined by a common goal. Availability Comrade on a team with turret at a higher level of talent will give you the advantage necessary for victory in a later night.

The *FASTEST* Way to Get AETHER CRYSTAL in Call of Duty Mobile | COD Tips and Tricks

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