NHN Enterprise (Representative Kim Dong-hoon) announced that it has completed the site of public cloud data center in Suncheon city.

On March 31, last year, NHN concluded a business agreement (MOU) for public cloud data centers and smart IT business valleys (MOU) with Jeonnam Province (District Kim Young-ro) and Suncheon City (Market Bug), I said it was promoted. NHN Enterprise is expected to work with Data Center and IT Valley for 20 years in Suncheon City to create Data Center and IT Valley.

After the conclusion of the Convention, the three agencies have been conducted for the construction of public cloud data centers and discussed embodiments. Then, through Suncheon City Candidate Actual Division, we confirmed the purchase of the data center site this year, and the detailed tuning was turned on. The last selected site is a place where Soonchon City is promoted by Suncheon City, and it is a place where it is natural for the natural business revolutionary cluster site, so it is also close to the traffic conditions in close proximity to Nutcheon Station and Namhae Expressway Dyosong IC. On April 13, NHN Enterprise held a public cloud transition scheme that shares the site selection results with Soonchun City, and conducted a public cloud conversion scheme that shares the results of site selection results. The three agencies have completed the administrative procedures and published the goal of completing the centers in 4Q024.

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Suncheon City Public Cloud Data Center is one of the first cases of the Public Hall Cooperative Public Cloud Center. By 2025, the Public Data of Jeollanam-do and Mountain, Mount Jeonnam, 22 cities, and the public data of 22 cities and counties, and conduct local Big Data management. NHN Enterprise plans to create a futuristic advanced industrial ecosystem so that it can be set to a core infrastructure that contributes to the creation of IT industry, as well as IT industry activation, as well as IT industry activation, and corporate attracting.

Kim Dong-hoon, “said Kim Dong-hoon said,” It was a good idea of the first shovel of the public cloud data center to build digital innovation by starting the Convention last year due to the Convention last year. ” We will continue to strengthen cooperation for cloud technology conversion and expansion of cloud technology to be the first case of.