Almost two decades of the Horde and the Alliance opposed each other and united only when Azero came a big threat. Now it will change.

The Cross Faction will appear in World of Warcraft in Update 9.2.5. Currently, there is no accurate release date for correction, but it was announced on January 21, 2022 and is currently at PTR.

What is Cross Faction in WoW?

Cross Faction allows players from the Alliance and Horde to unite with each other. Before this patch, players were divided according to these fractional lines. But now players will be able to unite with members of the opposite faction for selected actions, such as dungeons, communities, epochemical dungeons, raids and rating arena / BG.

This means that no matter what fraction is preferable, friends and family, finally, can play what they want and whom they want. This is what the community asked for the past few years, and finally, Blizzard gives up. Rejoice!

To learn more about WoW, check out the section “How to register to participate in Beta testing WOW: Dragonflight” in the game manuals for professionals.