In our guide to the portal of harmony and the right key we reveal:

  • What problem there is with the key
  • How you get the right key
  • Where you use it

If you have to increase your item level for the portal of harmony, we have a look at our guide to farm harmony jump stones.

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the problem with the key of harmony

You have probably already wondered how you open the chest at the end of the event “Gate of Harmony”. To do this, according to the chest description, you need a key of harmony. But don’t be surprised if you don’t discover the key anywhere. Here a translation error has crept into the game . The right key to the event bears the name “Key of Equal”.

how do I get the key of balance?

You can get the key of equilibrium to complete the navigation co-op tasks in Vern, Arthine and Annika . The problem: the key is not a guaranteed drop. You probably have to do the daily task several times to get one of the coveted keys.

You can find the tasks when you click on the gear in the event overview (the blue stopwatch on the far left side of the screen) in the upper right corner. A menu appears here in which all current events are listed-searches for navigation coop.

The tasks are bound at certain times that are shown to you in the overview. You can create a warning for the three events via this menu. So you will notify as soon as the missions start.

Lost Ark Tips : Key of Balance & Gate of Harmony | #3

the portal of harmony

As soon as you have got the key of balance, go to the event “Portal of Harmony”. If you successfully finish this, open your chest with the key and sink the rewards.

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