There is the back of the decor and the one we imagine. By its playful aspect and its young side, the world of video game has long been spared by the scandals, but since the media has been mounted in the industry, it is happening more than a case without a case. Endless hours, sexism, harassment, misappropriation… The videoludic universe has always had its dark areas, but real-time information does, that today it is much more difficult to pass through the mesh of the net. A few days ago, Nintendo of America was pinned by an ex-employee and his answer did not wait.


A few days ago, a member of Nintendo of America, under the guise of anonymity, launched a procedure against his former employer. For that, he approached the National Labor Relations Board, An American federal government agency that investigates cases related to professional illegal practices. Its role is to identify the irregularities of companies to ensure that all the rules of the labor market are respected. Otherwise, it intervenes and is responsible for putting in place procedures to punish the faults. In other words, it is better not to be in the eye of the cycl1. To strengthen its defense, the former Nintendo employee also turned to the Aston Carter recruitment agency who works with the manufacturer’s US subsidiary. For the moment, the case is only in its infancy, but that’s what we know.

Nintendo of America responds to the judicial attack of its ex-employee

According to information relayed on the Web, the former Nintendo of America employee believes that they have been the victim of many threats and pressures. As he worked for the US subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer, he would have shown several promises that never came. From there, everything would have been only infernal pressure, unreasonable surveillance and threats of reprisals. Nintendo of America has therefore kept reacted :

We are aware of the complaint that has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board by a provider who has already been dismissed for disclosure of confidential information – and for no other reason. Nintendo is not aware of any attempt at unionization or related activity and intends to collaborate on NLRB’s investigation. Nintendo undertakes to offer welcoming and positive working conditions to all its employees and service providers. We take professional questions very seriously.

For the moment, the body in charge of the investigation did not begin its investigations and many undisclosed elements, remain unresolved. But as they say in these cases, the case will be to be followed closely because new information could be revealed soon.


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[Alert] Nintendo targeted by a complaint, they answer!

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Nintendo Has Responded to a Complaint Filed Against Them With the National Labor Relations Board


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