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Sniper Elite 5 Tips in invasion mode

Sniper Elite 5 represents a new invasion mode in which a man-man can join your session as an enemy sniper. Therefore, adding a new PVP mode to the franchise. The next leadership will tell you everything you need to know about how the invasion mode at Sniper Elite 5 works and will give several useful tips on how to win the invasion.

How the invasion mode works at Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 - 10 Things I Wish I Knew
In the “invasion” mode to your game as an enemy, a friend or a completely stranger can join as an enemy. They will take on the role of the axis sniper and begin to hunt you as soon as they join your game. You need to be extremely vigilant, be able to distinguish between enemies-people and AI and, ultimately, find and kill the invading player.

Keep in mind that the invaders cannot choose with whom to compare, since the system is completely accidental. So, if you and your friend hoped to fight each other, you are not lucky.

If you are interested in the multiplayer PVP mode, you will have to enable the invasion mode in the game settings. This is completely optional. If you like to play alone more, just leave this mode disabled.

tips on Sniper Elite 5 in the invasion mode

If you invade someone else’s game, you can use a soldier under the control of AI to find a defending player. Place a soldier with artificial intelligence and turn on the eagle eye. If this soldier notice a defending player, his last known location will be shown on your map. You can also increase the level of readiness of AI soldiers.

If you are a defending player and have been invaded, you have the opportunity to call a friend for reinforcement for a joint game. You will also be warned of the last known location of the invading player.

For a successful victory in the “Invasion” match, the invaders receive weapons, skins and other items. On the other hand, defenders also receive weapons and skins of characters for the successful killing of the invader.

Please note that with the invasion mode, all defenders will earn more experience points to help increase the level.

How to disconnect the axis invasion of Sniper Elite 5

At the first launch of Sniper Elite 5, you will be invited to turn on or disable the invasion mode. If you miss an invitation or want to cancel your decision later, you can open the parameters menu outside the mission to switch the invasion mode.

Please note that you cannot enable or disable the invasion mode during the mission. If you decide to enable the “Invasion” mode on the fly, you will have to interrupt your mission, return to the screen of the campaign mission, turn on the mode and start the mission again.

Giass code – mediocrity, praying and robots

The story about why the “Code of Giass” beloved by anime shutters is mediocrity, I want to start with a small disclaimer. I do not set as my goal to convince the fans of this franchise of their wrong when evaluating, because discussing other people’s tastes is pointless. My goal is to order the mediocrity of the scriptwriters “one of the best anime of all time” for those who have not yet managed to plunge into this substance. Yes, yes, not all heroes wear masks, some are quite a diving suit.

The root cause of my viewing of the “Giass Code” was numerous recommendations from enthusiastic anime, among which there were even statements that this series is better than “Gate Stein”, and this is definitely impossible to pass by. It is impossible, but I took place within two years, during which I received recommendations for the viewing of Giass with the frequency of once a week. In 2015, I still gave up and firmly decided to get acquainted with this “universally recognized masterpiece”. Spoiler: In estimates for Mal, Shikimori and similar resources since then I do not believe from the word at all, which, however, does not prevent me from bombing from those. These people appreciated the “girl for rent” at 7.3 points, Karl!

Let’s move on to the main topic of discussion and start with the annotation for those who somehow have not yet managed to hear a billion recommendations to see “Giass”. The highly developed Britain captured Japan, which turned the country of the rising sun into 11, and all its inhabitants, in the eleventh. The main character is the local ingenious prince of Britain, who escaped from his family and “secretly” lives in Japan, visiting the British school and plotting a coup d’etat against the family that offended him and his little sister.

Watching “Giass” becomes funny from the very beginning, when the genius of the protagonist is shown to us through a chess match against some important bump, in which he, of course, wins, which means that we have a brilliant strategist who is able to replay and destroy any * enemy on his way. *-ting “any” is used only in relation to people with IQ below 60, and more smart individuals are not presented in this show.

Code MENT: Who will get the friggin robot?

And yes, it may seem that I am finding fault, but the funny situation is that I watched “Giass” just a month after “Idiocracy”, and what was happening on the screen in this series was very similar to an American film. Judge for yourself: we are represented by a world that is inhabited by extremely stupid people, as well as the protagonist, who is simply supposedly smarter than those. Why “supposedly”? Because it is no different from the rest, except for scenario piano for its advancement in the plot. Against the background of this, we go to, actually to the characters.

Heroes and the world around

Without a doubt, this is the best part of this anime. Just think! Here, soldiers during the fighting leave the cabs of their furs in order to talk with a schoolboy who is surrounded by corpses of other soldiers! Well, isn’t that lovely? That’s right, this is not a charm, because the command of these soldiers is even more fun!

The situation with how Lelush first helped resistance, while in the same time, a masterpiece of scenario art, which was taken above the soldier, mentioned above. Think about it: the hero could track all the movements of the troops on both sides of the conflict, while being separated from the British troops in the British army. The command of the warrior is wondering how the rebels can know about their movements, but they cannot look at the damn card. Control over subordinates? Pff, some kind of nonsense. And these are only the very first episodes, gentlemen.

Absolutely all the fighting in Giasse pass precisely according to such a scenario, where in principle nothing threatens the hero, because the enemy is horror stupid and is not able to follow his own troops. Is this a piano? Not yet)

Because the main roots in this world are not even the stupidity of the heroes or the hero’s abilities not yet mentioned to receive visions from the future, but the Hiasses themselves, one of which Lelush possesses. The Giassa fan will ask: “Well, what is their piano? Everything is explained there! ” And I will answer: “In randomness, the sun.” Giasses do not work as they should or as the owner wants, they work on a pure random. Giass Lelusha makes another person to unquestioningly obey one single order, but his sister is out of control of the order with the help of the power of love for Lelush’s partner, and he himself recalls his past after his father’s Hiasses on his memory. At the same time, Giass “unexpectedly” works on the mentioned sister, who ultimately goes against all her nature, but is not able to go against love!

And here we return to the fact that the main character is actually terribly stupid. He noticed that his Giass has been behaving strangely and works on his own, but he still jokes jokes about the eleventh genocide with his sister, looking directly into her eyes. It would seem that it could go wrong? Just the most important negotiations that could save a bunch of innocent lives and return the eleventh at the time before the capture of Britain (albeit not completely). This is how the piano looks in the bushes, now you know more.

I will not once again talk about the general uselessness of the protagonist, because everyone already knows that he is not capable of anything. It is not sacred, IQ, like the bread, and therefore Suzaku will be saved on an ongoing basis, which CC sometimes replaces in this case. By the way, it was from here that the meme with the more suitable Title has the name Code Gayass.

Ah, yes, if you notice a hole in the plot of Giass and hope that later everything will be explained to you, then leave such strange thoughts when it comes to this masterpiece.

Heroes do not shine with their minds, the script and its author (s) do not shine with the mind, the rules of the world of the series do not work. So where does so much love for the “Giass code” come from? Maybe because of the graphone, epic battles and extremely pleasant girls in the frame?

Major Grafoni

We move from objective to subjective, and here I am honest, I’m not going to say anything much. Someone likes to look at the mantis in the frame, but someone does not. Someone scares away that women are trying to create a fan service in the frame, and someone likes it, and he will put on ava some kind of “Giass” furniture, for example CC. My attitude to the picture in this anime is well read in the previously written, but I am not going to condemn those who like it.


And the conclusions are very simple. “Giass Code” is located at the heights of many tops of the “best” anime solely because of anime and people suffering from a duckling syndrome. I will not say that Giass is so disgusting that it does not deserve an assessment above 4, I do not want to become a snob. I’ll even say more, the series is not at all bad at all, it is simply average in most parameters with failures to “non-dud” in logic and characters, but the same can be said about a bunch of other titles. If you put a “hyax” objective assessment, then this is 6-6.5 points, which is not bad and even higher than average. Music, animation and meching the main advantages of the series. But there is a catch, because at the same time with the “Giass” there was a “death note”, which succeeded in all the parameters where the first failed. Yes, it is also far from a masterpiece and has a lot of problems (especially the second half), but still much better.

If you do not overestimate your expectations from the “Giass” and watch it as an ordinary action movie on three or four evenings, then it will do. And it is better to spend this time on no less stupid, but quite beautiful and accompanied by an anime very pleasant music called “Angel Crossroads”. In addition, their authors are the same.

I leave for this, but I wish you not to be ill, not to be beech and watch only a good anime.

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Here the first trailer of the second season of The Bad Bath!

The Star Wars galaxy goes beyond films and Live Action series. From the clone wars, to star wars rebels, the animated world has played a very important role in the current canon. In this way, many were looking forward to more information about the second season of The Bad Batch _. Fortunately, During Star Wars Celebration, the first trailer of this new season was finally revealed.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer | Disney+
Shared for the general public during a panel in Star Wars Celebration, it has been reaffirmed that The second season of The Bad Batch will arrive at Disney+ at some point in this year’s fall . Similarly, the first advance of the new adventures of Clone Force 99 was shown.

The first season of the Bad Batch developed after the events of Order 66, and it seems that this new season will show us a little more about how the empire was formed, and the clones began to be set aside. Previously, we saw the appearance of CAD BANE, Fennec Shand and Captain Rex, so the possibility of seeing more cameos of this style in the future is not ruled out.

Remember, The second season of the Bad Batch will arrive at Disney+ in the fall of 2022 . In related issues, here we tell you what happens in the first trailer of the ahsoka series. Similarly, these are the first details of tals of the Jedi, animated anthology for Disney+.

Editor’s note:

The Bad Batch has the potential to be one of the best animated Star Wars series. However, the first season was somewhat slow, I hope that the mistakes of the past do not replicate with the second season, and let’s see something totally new for this time in the Canon of Star Wars.

Hangar 13: Mafia developers affected by layoffs

The developer studio Hangar 13 based in Novato, California, is affected by layoffs. A total of 50 staff members will certainly shed their task, as the parent firm 2K Games validates in an official declaration.

Hangar 13 Layoffs

needed adjustments and a new task

Accordingly, the publisher has totally dedicated to the future of the studio, yet realizes that it remains in a challenging, albeit appealing shift stage. Additionally, it claims:

We do whatever we can to work with the employees worried and also discover new duties on various other tasks and also in groups at 2K. After “Mafia 3” might not satisfy the interior assumptions, the last large project was additionally established with the code name “Volt” . Hangar 13 does not just consist of the California head office. With “Mafia: Clear-cut Edition”, the latter provided an extremely favorable job and also must report on a brand-new “mafia” descendant, according to ** current records.

Hangar 13 does not only consist of the California headquarters. 2K Czech has additionally been consisted of in the household throughout the years, while in Brighton, Great Britain was started. With “Mafia: Definitive Version”, the last delivered a very favorable work and also ought to report on a new “mafia” descendant, according to ** current records.

_ “As component of our other examinations to guarantee that our resources match our goals, we have actually made some modifications that resulted in reducing settings and the splitting up of some coworkers. These decisions are always challenging. We do everything we can to work with the staff members worried and locate brand-new duties on other tasks and in groups at 2K. And also we provide full assistance for those that can not be relocated to link them with commercial networks and resources to ensure that they can find brand-new opportunities beyond 2K. “_.

Resource: Kotaku (through Wccftech ).

Likewise interesting: Mafia-insider gives details concerning the story and the setup of the unannounced innovators .

Hangar 13 has actually struggled with some troubles in current years. After “Mafia 3” can not fulfill the interior assumptions, the last large job was likewise established with the code name “Volt” .

More records on Hangar 13, Mafia, Top Spin.

According to the most up to date record, the Czech workshops must also have a task in the jobs. A revival of the “Leading Spin” brand name is to be revitalized under the code name “Project Hammer”. The developers had actually currently created the tennis simulation in the past, which had not received a new branch given that 2011.

Resident Evil 8 Village PC: Deluxe Edition Buy now at half a price – more Resi

Only the game is horror, but not the price: With GamesPlanet you can buy the latest part of the horror series until Sunday in the Deluxe Edition for less than half of the original price. There is also Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard, Resident Evil 6 and other episodes of the cult series with risen discounts. The solution for all bargain hunters among Resi fans! But we also have a tip for Destiny fans: Destiny 2: The witch queen is now 36% cheaper, as well as the main game as Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack. We show the best games planet deals.

What does GamesPlanet Resident Evil fans offer until Sunday?

Resident Evil 8 Village-Deluxe Edition for half a price-until Sunday at GamesPlanet. Source: GamesPlanet

For all Resident Evil fans looking for the ultimate bargains, GamesPlanet offers the solution: Resident Evil 8 Village-Deluxe Edition 54% cheaper, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition with 63% discount, Resident Evil 6 even with 80% discount This resi purchase tip is truly tough. ** The Resident Evil special offers at GamesPlanet still apply the full weekend and run on Monday (May 30th) at 10 a.m.

Resident Evil special offers at GamesPlanet (selection)

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  • Overview of Resident Evil special offers at GamesPlanet

Resident Evil special offers at GamesPlanet

Only for a short time: Destiny 2 deals at GamesPlanet with strong discounts. Source: Buffed / Bungie

Which Destiny 2 deals are available at GamesPlanet until June 2?

We have a savings tip not only for Resident Evil fans, but also for supporters of the Destiny series. At GamesPlanet, the latest Destiny 2 is now the witch queen 36% cheaper. The main game as Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack can also be bought with a 36% discount and the Beyond Light extension offers GamesPlanet with a 43% discount. The Destiny 2 deals apply until June 2, 2 a.m.

Destiny 2 deals at GamesPlanet (selection)

  • Destiny 2: The witch queen (PC // Steam) for (-36%) € 25.49
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  • Destiny 2 deals at GamesPlanet at a glance

Destiny 2 deals at GamesPlanet

Resident Evil 8 Village Deluxe Edition (PS4/PS5/Xbox) Unboxing

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  • Overview of offers at GamesPlanet

All promo campaigns at GamesPlanet

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Exclusively for our readers: Discount campaign for The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

At this point we would be happy to point out our exclusive discount campaign with GamesPlanet for Teso: High Isle. Our readers receive 5% discount on the Teso High Isle Upgrade, which will be released on June 6, and on collections that include the main game and high Isle, so they are aimed at newcomers to the world of The Elder Scrolls online. Here are all the details and the voucher code.

TESO: Pre-order high Isle and collect the bonus content and discount

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The perfect Old World: Heroes of the Aegean complement to the Steam release

Old World: Heroes of the Aegean has been a bit unfairly lost, both in the vast World and here. The 4X strategy game got a strong 85 rating in the test, but it received far less attention from the press and players than Civilization’s other competitor, Humankind. One possible reason: is the Epic exclusivity.

But that’s changing now. On May 19th Old World was released on Steam and At the same time, the first DLC for Old World came with the heroes of the Aegean – for free. In addition, a new, previously unannounced civilization comes into play with the Hittites. And then there are dozens of patches since our test in summer 2021. So let’s see what the DLC can do and whether Old World has deserved an upgrade in the two years since release.

It suits you if…
You’ve never played Old World and crave a little guidance at first.
You like to play Civilization in ancient times.
You feel like a mini-campaign with a story and decisions.

It doesn’t suit you if…
You want as much freedom as possible in your 4X games.
You expect significant changes to the sandbox gameplay of the main game from the DLC.

A new scenario for history fans
Heroes of the Aegean contains six scenarios centered around the conflict between Persia and the Greek states, from the famous Battle of Marathon to the successor cities of Alexander’s empire.

It is not entirely clear why Mohawk Games chose this not a very common name because the island world between Greece and today’s Turkey does not play a role in the scenario. The setting in and of itself is very well chosen for this.

After all, compared to Civilization or Humankind, Old World is first and foremost characterized by the fact that we don’t go through the whole of human history in the round strategy that has been exclusive to Epic for a long time but stays in antiquity. And in this period, the Persian wars are one of the most apparent issues next to the rise of Rome.

Otherwise, this scenario pack makes more sense than we initially expected. This, in turn, is due to the Old World itself, which is better suited for this type of scenario content than, say, Civilization.

What was Old World again precisely?
As a quick reminder, Old World is a Civilization-style 4X city-building game. However, it differs in a few key respects. In addition to the mentioned focus on only one era, Old World lets you slip into the skin of a mortal leader whose successor you have to regulate like in Crusader Kings 3. If you fail, the game is over. Although the simulation of leaders, heirs to the throne, and court servants are not nearly as complex as in Crusader Kings, it is enough to differentiate it from the genre competition.

While this mix doesn’t always mesh perfectly in the base game, it shows its strengths in the DLC – at least in phases. In Civilization, such scenarios often seem artificial because we cannot follow the fate of individual people.

On the other hand, Old World lets us slip into the roles of great Greek and Macedonian leaders, telling their life stories and linking them with unique game mechanics.

From Marathon to Thermopylae
In the first short scenario, you play the battle of Marathon in a rudimentary way, which is probably intended as a new introduction for players who haven’t touched the game for a long time and have forgotten most of it – in short, people like me.

Then you hold back the Persians at Thermopylae with Leonidas as a general and defeat the naval battle at Salamis in the same scenario. You get more ships the longer you have held out with the Spartans beforehand.
In the third scenario, you play Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great. Like the historical model, you should unite Greece – and you don’t have unlimited time for that. While this is an excellent but playfully unimportant introduction to the new content, from now on, it is much more to the point.

During the game, you can choose several paths. For example, do you want to defeat the uncivilized peoples of Thrace militarily or persuade them to enter into a diplomatic truce? Will you get the Illyrians on your side by getting married, or will you also “pacify” them? And when do you dare against Athens and Sparta?

Lack of communication about the goals
In between, the game weaves in the historical development of the events and reveals two weaknesses.

For one thing, like the main game, the scenarios are very sparse, with easily accessible information about goals and mechanics. For example, why do we use events to train our son Alexander if he is never used because the scene ends as soon as Phillip dies?

On the positive side, however, we must emphasize that our criticism was immediately reacted to in the preview. It is now (somewhat hidden) that the scene ends when Phillip dies. That wasn’t clear at all beforehand. Overall, the developers’ communication with the outside world and the number of updates is exemplary—more on that in a moment.

History as if on rails
The second weakness of the DLC content stems from the first. Because, as you may have already noticed, Old World largely retells the actual events. But it doesn’t leave you much room to go your own way.

Leonidas died at Thermopylae, so he must too. The Greeks win at Salamis, so here too. You’re not even allowed to play the Persians. And if Philipp was murdered by his bodyguard in real life, that has to happen in the scenario.

This makes many decisions feel irrelevant. If you choose a conclusion that would significantly change the course of the story, you know beforehand that something will go wrong.

The DLC could have learned from role models.
Other games deal smarter with such circumstances. For example, Civilization 5 allows you to play Rome in the “The Fall of Rome” scenario and prevent that very pre-programmed fall. In the campaign of The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth, you can save Boromir with a lot of skill. The game doesn’t hint at it but allows for the possibility, which feels immensely satisfying.

This is where Old World: Heroes of the Aegean gambled away potential with its scenarios. But at least it offers a lot of variety since each scenario is played uniquely. Sometimes you only have access to troops but not cities. Then again, like in the fourth scenario, you have to deal mainly with domestic politics and work your way through a series of event chains to remain in power over Greece as Alexander’s mother and his at the same time support the campaign.

Finally freedom
In the meantime, we could also play the fifth scenario. This revolves around Alexander’s campaign across the Persian Empire. Like the sixth scenario, this scenario is relatively long because you have to fight various battles along the way. The coast is unlocked for you bit by bit, so you play the historical advance again and have little creative freedom.

In this scenario, you hardly care about the economy but almost exclusively about the military, whose units bring significantly more clout to the field than customary units due to Alexander and his most important generals. You will then receive more troops via »research« instead of unlocking new technologies.

Overall, focusing on a massive land fight is fun but then becomes tiresome. Due to the particular movement system in Old World, it is a cramp to bring the reinforcement troops to the front because there are never enough command points available, and the units cannot remember more extended route commands.

Also, enemy troops appear out of nowhere due to the long-range (with Command Points present), especially when your progression unlocks a new sector. This makes tactical planning ahead difficult and quickly becomes frustrating.

The Diadochi
The last scenario begins after Alexander’s death. Here, for the first time, you get true freedom of choice. You can choose which of the four Diadochi empires (the successor states of Alexander’s empire) you want to use to win back the kingdom.

Depending on your choice, the task will be more difficult or accessible. Tiny Macedonia is in a terrible starting position. At the same time, the prosperous Seleucid kingdom in Mesopotamia is in a good place but also lies between the Egyptian Ptolemy kingdom and the Antigonids of Asia Minor and is therefore exposed to a possible war on two fronts. So replay value is ensured in this scenario in particular.

Ultimately, Heroes of the Aegean is neither a big hit nor a disappointment. With some strengths based on the peculiarities of Old World and some weaknesses in the staging, the DLC would not be recommended at a purchase price of 20 or 30 euros. However, as an additional free treat, it’s definitely worth your attention and could serve as a persuasion aid for those who have toyed with the idea of ​​buying Old World but have hesitated.

That was not all!
To our and possibly your surprise, that’s not all. The Steam release also has a new civilization up to its sleeve, the Hittites. As special units, they rely on their chariots and get quick access to recent ministerial posts through their families.

The charioteers from Anatolia are pretty flexible, but how strong they are compared to other cultures must first be shown in a more extended test by the community.

Patches, patches, patches
Since we are now in a follow-up test, it must not be forgotten that the developers are releasing minor updates at an improbable frequency. A patch with balance changes, bug fixes, sometimes dozens of new events (according to the developer, we’ve reached over 3000 in total), AI and performance improvements, new sound effects, and artwork comes almost every week.

The regularity of the updates shows how eager the developers are to their work, which is reflected in the quality of the game, which is constantly growing. The free content is also a good thing, although there is some confusion about whether (former) Epic buyers are also getting the benefit of the promotion. The statements of the developers and PR were contradictory in this regard.

Our Tanskists will not get cool 3D

YOU are the problem with Games Workshop

LESTA studio continues to “please” players in World of Tanks from Russia and Belarus. While in the European and American versions of the game on May 31, a new season of combat passes starts, as a reward for which you can get the steep skins of the death guard, Ultramarinov or Boys (Orcs) from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, they will be unavailable in the CIS countries.

Instead of such a cool reward, Russian and Belarusian players will only receive compensation in the form of additional consumables. But it is hardly worth blaming for this St. Petersburg studio. It is most likely that such a decision was made by the British company Games Workshop, which decided to stop selling its products in the Russian Federation.

The World of Tanks changed a paid skin, frightened by letters v

Elden Ring: This is how her Rennala, the Queen of the full moon

Elden Ring - Let's Play Part 23: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
From now on you can see in a new video for Elden Ring how you can defeat Rennala.
Rennala, the queen of the full moon, is the boss opponent in the academy of Raya Lucaria.
We will show you how you successfully master this boss fight in a video:
Elden Ring is now available for 69.99 euros and can be ordered from the Microsoft Store.
You will receive the Elden Ring Deluxe Edition for 89.99 euros.
If you want to support us, then share this video, the video YouTube channel, leave a thumbs up when you liked the video – and activates the bell so that you will be notified as soon as you will be notified as soon as
a new video is published.

Free Fire codes today May 22, 2022; All free rewards

Free Fire offers us a real mountain of new cosmetic objects that we can redeem on the spot thanks to today’s free rewards codes, Sunday 22 of May of 2022 **. With them you will get unpublished cosmetic objects. Once the exchange will remain linked to your Garena profile. Remember that the title is available in Free-To-Play for Format for iOS and Android devices.

Free Fire codes for May 22

  • J3ZK Q57Z 2P2P
  • Weyv GQC3 CT8Q
  • F76T 5RDF SV8N
  • 7KEL R6K8 M9P9
  • B1JI 82J7 635E
  • B3G7 A22T WDR7X
  • FF7M UY4M E6SC
  • Fuj9 8NB7 U3yt
  • DGE4 BNR5 T6ky
  • OU8 N7B6 VC5R
  • 4sea dqfv q1b4
  • FV4B XH7J U7I6
  • FRF8 GB3T JY5H
  • F8BV U7YC TX8F
  • FR6F 5R4C EX4D
  • FF7V EB1N JRK5

  • F6oy 9H8i B2V7
  • FFN3 RM9T Ky2L
  • FD9A Q1FG H2Y3
  • FBI8 YT8G VB7N
  • K2OG IUY5 T7EA
  • DQC2 VBJ3 IER8

How to redeem free GARENA Fire Fire codes?

Redeem free rewards codes in Free Fire requires going through a very simple process. Every 24 hours those responsible publish a list in which you will receive cosmetics without additional cost after redeeming it in this link. You must keep in mind that these will remain linked to your Garena Fire Fire ID.


  1. First: click on this link to access the Official Rewards Portal, the rewards exchange site.

  2. Secondly, start session with your Free Fire account from the chosen option: Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei, Apple or Twitter.

  3. Third step: enter the code of twelve (12) digits in the indicated space (make sure you do not confuse some numbers with letters) and confirm.

  4. Fourth and lFire Firet step: Once you confirm the code you have selected, it will be enough to wait until they are reflected in your account.

When you finish the process you will see a confirmation message within a maximum period of 30 minutes : Do not despair if you do not see them immediately. These codes have a validity of 24 hours from the moment of publication, so you have a very small margin so Fire Fire not to run out of them.

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  • How to recover your Free Fire account with ID
  • Free Fire Max on Android and iOS: Compatible Requirements and Mobile

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