On April 29, “The Global Defense Force 6” Official Broadcasting Broadcasting -Living in the future of despair. -Episode10 “was distributed, and a new information on the latest series” Earth Defense Force 6 “was announced.

As we have already announced information such as the scheduled release date (August 25, 2022) and benefits, more detailed information is also shown on the distribution program. In this article, we will introduce the contents that the series players cannot miss.

First, this work will be released for PS5/PS4, but also mentioned the difference. Although there is no difference in the content of the game, the PS5 version has a characteristic that takes advantage of the hard performance, such as supporting native 4K output.

In addition, the PS4 version supports the free upgrade to the PS5 version, and can be transferred to the PS5 version after obtaining it even if PS5 is not currently available. You can also take over save data, so you don’t have to start over.

In addition, offline can be played up to two people in screen split, and up to four online. We can play cooperative play in all missions other than tutorials, and support PS5 and PS4 version cross -play.

This is a little detailed information, but there was a dragon in the screen photo at the time of the announcement of this work (released in July 2020). After that, there was no follow -up report about the dragon, and some voices were worried about whether or not there were, but this broadcast clearly commented that there was a dragon. By the way, the color seems to have changed.

That’s all for the information that was clearly stated in the form of comments in the program, but the video that was closed to the end included the tricks that anyone who played the previous work was concerned.

Four soldiers are projected in the video, “I’m looking good, I’m a comedy,” “I’m a costume for Mako,” “If you are, you can leave your back”, “Is it new to the taste of the ration?” “?”

Many people may be familiar with these lines. This is almost the same as what the sergeant and his subordinates appeared in the previous work “ Earth Defense Force 5 ” spoke. In the early stages, the hero was strongly protected, and after growing up as a soldier, the Sergeant who gained full width and his platoon -such a nostalgic video was shown.

Of course, they are not necessarily the sergeant of the previous work, and there is a possibility that they are images that capture them in the past. However, the possibility of survival was not zero, and many viewers felt a single hope. On SNS about such anxious video, there is also a view such as “Is it a time leap?”

“Earth Defense Force 6” starts in a desperate situation, but the future that overcomes despair may be waiting in this work.