[high Park Ye -jin reporter] B2B marketplace fashion high school, which is serviced by NHN Global (CEO Paul Lee), will host the first offline trade fair ‘Fashion High Prize Palm Springs’.

Fashion High School is an e -commerce platform that connects global vendors and personal retail operators. In addition, Fashion High School has been conducting online trade fairs since 2020, and new buyers have increased by up to 180% each time.

Based on the operation of the e -commerce platform and distribution know -how, Fashiongo will hold its first offline trade fair in Palm Springs, California, USA. Thanks to the popularity of fashion seniors through the existing online platform, more vendors and individual business owners will meet and communicate in offline sites and experience various products and innovation technologies.

Fashion High Wick Farm Springs is a collaboration with expert Tom Nastos and Scott Cho Wan, who has experienced a number of successful fairs.

In this fair, we meet about 80 brands such as ‘Madden Girl’ and ‘Betsey Johnson’ and ‘Vintage Havana’, which is located in famous American fashion brands and American large department store chain Nodstrom. Can. 27 single brands that can only be found in fashion high schools will also introduce new products. It also provides an omni channel experience that combines online and offline.

HSN | Nina Leonard Fashions 04.20.2022 - 08 AM

Fashion High School established ‘Palm Springs Mode’ in the fashion, mobile app for participants, so that you can experience the features that can be experienced on the existing fashion high online platform. If you search for a product with ‘Style Match Plus’, a fashion goal image search service at the fair, the booth number is shown as a result of which booth you can see in the fair.

In addition, Fashion High School gave a personal QR code to all participants in the fashion high -wicked farm spring so that the participants could order the product directly from the field and even track the delivery status online. He also added the ‘First Look’ function, which collects new products of vendors who participate in fashion seniors.

Paul Lee, CEO of NHN Global, said, “It is an honor to hold a fair to experience the innovative service of fashion Go at Palm Springs, where the first fashion fair was held 80 years ago.” “We will continue to make efforts to create an environment where both vendors and individual business owners can grow.”