Within the gigantic Nintendo Games bookstore, _ Mother 3 _ highlights for being one of the titles that simply refuses to reach the West. Although the third installment in the acclaimed itoi Shigesato series originally reached Game Boy Advance in 2006, the Great N refuses to locate Lucas’s adventure. Now, during a recent appearance on a YouTube show, MOTHER 3 producer was questioned about the launch of this title in our region , and offered a very interesting explanation not to see it in America.

Recently, Shinichi Kameoka, producer of mother 3, attended the Kit & Krysta podcast, the former members of Nintendo of America, where he was questioned about the possibilities of seeing a localized version of this game. Although Kameoka would love it, The producer mentioned that this is a titanic task due to the Iitoi script. This was what he commented:

“Personally, I think that the highest point of sale of Mother 3 is the unique writing style of Shigesatao Itoi; Translating the charm and nuances of his writing to other languages is a challenge, and perhaps that is why he has taken so much to consider the international throws of Mother 3 ”.

When responsible for the series since the first installment in NES, Shigesato Itoi has been responsible for molding the Mother series in a unique way. According to Kameoka, The script of the third game has a series of conversations and dialogues that shine in Japanese , because it is Itali’s native language, and would be difficult to move, not only to English, but to other languages.

Carrying mother 3 has been the dream of many fans more than a decade. Although at the moment it seems that this will never come true, IDOI work admirers do not give up , and they hope that an official translation of the game will eventually be available.

In related issues, producer of Mother 3 wants to see the game located. Similarly, Terry Crews, the Hollywood actor, also demands that this title reach our region.

Editor’s note:

Why Mother 3 Is Not Released In English
In any other situation, the location of a game would be just a matter of time. Even Square Enix has begun to offer us SNES titles for the first time in our region, as live to live and ROMANCING SAGA 3. However, we are talking about Nintendo, and with them things are never simple.