Although technically there is no wrong approach to the PVE content in Elden Ring, there are several ways that will be easier. We have collected some of our favorite assemblies that will help you go through wonderful lands outside it.

Vera braid build

Sometimes it is useful to have a little faith. Dropping the same amount of glasses into faith and using a winged braid that is well scalable with statistics, you become holy horror. Speaking of holiness, the winged braid causes peak holy damage.

The main characteristic *: Vera and Reason
Secondary characteristic : Strength and dexterity
Weapons : Winged braid, stamp the goddesses, big sword of the God -whobic
shield *: no data
Armor : Mask ruler, a set of a knight of a mausoleum
Talisman : No data
skills *: no data
spells *: black flame, black flame blade

Kill the magician with one throw

This assembly speaks for itself. Each item is perfectly combined with each other, creating some of the most destructive spells. Even better? You will throw comets, being mostly invisible, so your enemies will never see their approach.

* The main characteristic : intelligence and mind
Secondary characteristic *: Endurance and vigor
* Weapon : Brilliant Lusata Staff
shield *: No data
* Armor : Crown from a sparkling stone of Lusat, Set Snow Witch, Seth of the Sorcerer Paradise Lucarian
Talisman *: Primary brilliant blade, mascot of graven schools, medallion from azure amber
* Skills :no data
* Spells *: Comet Azur, invisible form
* thing : a cracked tear, shrouded in magic, a tear of azure crystal

undead Paladin Bild

Undead Paladin is an increase in DEATH’s Poker, GHOSTFLAME IGNITION skill. Pushing and setting fire to the tip, all these combined buffs for damage will work and quickly deal with enemies.

The main characteristic *: intelligence and energy
Secondary characteristic : endurance, strength and faith
Weapon : Poker of death
* shield : no data

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Armor *: Mask ruler, a set of a knight of a mausoleum
Talisman : Shard of Alexander, Shard of the Vesse of the Warrior, the Carican filigree coat of arms, a magical amulet with Scorpio
skills : no data
* spells : Golden vow

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