“If you are a competitor, you want to win. And you want to win titles,” Büskens had given his slogan before the season finale. It should be the title of the second division champion – and finally became. “To put on the icing on the cake, you had to defend your place here today. It was so much fun with the boys, everyone burned it for this goal,” the trainer was pleased with “Sky”.

Terodde makes the 30 full

Zalazar with an incredible long -range shot from 59 meters in the top right of the Nuremberg housing had initially put the royal blue in the lead (15th). When the S04 tank became empty, the club equalized by Lukas Schleimer (86.). Even a tie would have been enough for the master shell, but Schalke has Simon Terodde.

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Büskens: “Simon was a bit restless, ‘Bülti’ (Markus Bülter, anm. D. Red.) wanted to put on every ball in the first round. Then I said to him: Do me a favor, let it be, Bülti – Simon still makes his booth anyway, then he has the 30th ” No sooner said than done, Terodde countered the 1-1 with the winning goal (88th). The 34-year-old striker was the first to make this magical border after Sven Demandt (35 goals) and received the win scorer cannon after the game.

Look at how people support us is the energy that we love so much.

Mike Büskens

Büsken’s second, who was back into the second S04 member, finally got into enthusiasm: “It is beautiful. Nine match days ago we were still so far away. I can only thank everyone who went with us” The 54-year-old, who, given the phenomenal support of the fans, who had stormed the lawn of the Nuremberg Max Morlock Stadium after the game, continued to say: “Look at how people support us, that is the energy that is we love so much. “