[jin reporter Park Ye -jin reporter] Unity announced on the 16th that it has completed ‘Unity Wave 2022’.

Unity Wave 2022, which was conducted in the form of hybrid from 9th to 13th, has a variety of technical lectures and educational programs to share the latest technologies and information of Unity engines with creators.

▲ Unity ▲ Game ▲ Simulation ▲ Digital Trin ▲ Virtual and Augmented Reality has been revealed. According to Unity, the event has been participated in the 5 -day event as the creators who are engaged in various industries from the pre -registration period.

In particular, the Unity for Game session, which attracted the most visitors, continued to participate in industry experts and creators who are interested in the Unity -based game production process and industrial trend.

The session of Unity’s latest tech demo ‘Enemies’ was especially noted. There were also sessions such as blockchain and substitution token (NFT) trends and physical simulation implementation processes used in ‘Goddess of Victory: Nikke’.

In the latest flagship cinematic demo ‘ENEMIES’ of Unity Demo Team, the process of creating more realistic digital humanities was introduced through the latest unity -based Unity hair system and digital human tool set. In the in -depth analysis session of Unity’s new sample game ‘Gigaya’, the production process using Unity technology, tools and workflows was shared.

On the 11th, ‘Unity for Simulation’ session is especially noteworthy about the functional game and content utilization of the cognitive training robot for the elderly who focused on solving cognitive function and caring problems such as dementia in the aging age. I received it. In addition to the use of robots and actual use cases collaborated by Unity and Robo Care, solutions were presented to solve aging social problems.

On the 12th, ‘Unity for Digital Twin’ session, ‘Meta Bus Era. The system development strategy focused on methuses that have emerged as a concern for the game industry and the IT industry. Oh Joo -yong, the head of the Team, Oju -Yong, who has been speaking as a speaker, is developed, including the concept of methuses, the need for connection of online and offline experience to strengthen methuses, and functional elements that future systems should be equipped with 3DP (3D Pipeline) We shared strategic know -how.

On the 13th, ‘Unity for Virtual World’ session introduced SKT’s Unity Engine -based meta bus platform ‘Efrand’, including LG Uplus and Unity.

Kim In -sook, CEO of Unity Korea, said, “We will spare no effort to help Unity can help the growth of creators and companies that prepare for the future through digital transition.” She added, “We are looking forward to seeing various smart work support programs that can continue technology exchange for developers and industry workers.”