To find a Grayson-warrior in climb V, you will need to find it in the Bandit Armory location. Inside arms bandits , you can find Grayson of the gunsmith in the rear of the locations in the place shown below. But before entering the Admiralty, we strongly recommend raising the level of our equipment to at least 27 or 30 .

Grayson The Armourer Location V Rising
This will allow you to fight Graison and unlock all the objects that you will receive for his murder. Nevertheless, if you want to get the level of equipment 27+, make the following items in V RISING:

Full kit Nightstalker: * 6 pcs. skin and 4 pcs. A rough thread for each element of armor.
Copper weapon: 16 copper ingots and 12 boards.
Ring of the burial ground: 8 grave dust and 40 mourning lily

The manufacture of the above items, including rings, armor and weapons, will increase your overall level of equipment to 30, which will be enough to kill the gunsmith Grayson. As soon as you Equipment level 30 do not hesitate to fight with Graison, but we recommend taking one or two friends with you if you have problems.

How to defeat Grayson gunsmith in V Riding

Grayson gunsmith is not a difficult battle if you are one or two levels above him. But before fighting Grasson, we recommend cleaning the territory next to it to facilitate the battle so that you can focus on it al1. As soon as the region is cleaned, you will be ready to meet him to face, and you need to focus on reducing his health as quickly as possible.

If you are alone in battle, we recommend using axes , swords or spear attack it. But if you have friends, make sure that at least one or two has a quick weapon, and one mace . In addition to the availability of the right set of weapons, the battle with Graison is quite simple. Grayson will have strong attacks in close combat, and he will throw small traps that will make your character go slower if you step on them. Fortunately, you can avoid its Ao-Atak and traps using blood veil and leaves the road.

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