If you have explored the underworld from head to toe, surely you know Malenia, Miquella’s sword is undoubtedly the most fearsome boss of Elden Ring. Although optional, Malenia is a key character in the universe of the last Fromsoftware game and its second phase as is a real challenge that not everyone has been able to overcome.

So, someone has asked the question… if Malenia is in fact the most powerful of the bosses, Could she defeat them all others?

Malenia, stronger than the Lord of Elden

Garden of Eyes, a youtuber who has worked on many of the mods available in Elden Ring, including the invocation of the mythical let me alone Her , had the fabulous idea of facing Malenia with each Boss of the game.

The question he asks us is the following:”Malenia is one of Elden Ring’s strongest bosses, then another boss can overcome her, or at least take her to her second phase?”,And he developed this mod that allows the goddess of rot to face the creatures of the underworld.

Therefore, for more than 40 minutes, You can observe in the viewer’s view the fights of Malenia, which confirm the immense power of it. The shortest fight on her remains that of Godrick, who succumbs after a single attack of Miquella’s sword. The longest is the one that faces Malenia against the Fire Giant, who makes him have a hard time due to the strong attacks of her with her shield.

Who can defeat Malenia?

Finally, in this mod, in any case, Miquella’s sword does not seem to be the most powerful of the game and she is defeated by two other bosses .

ELDEN RING: Malenia VS All Bosses

  • Maliketh, the black leaf. Although Malenia expires to the cleric beast, she will succumb to the second phase of the latter, that is, Maliketh. The latter is one of the most difficult bosses of the game, and terrifies everyone the opponents of him thanks to his agility and aggressiveness. Therefore, she is not surprising to see him rival him with the speed of Miquella’s sword and overcome it.
    * Radahn, the scourge of the stars . This fight left some skeptical users. In fact, the fight against Radahn begins from far away and Malenia must try to approach the boss. An approach that is impossible, because the scourge of the stars chains the arrows and defeats Miquella’s sword from a distance. A bitter victory, therefore, which is however not very representative, in the absence of a melee.

In any case, although she was defeated twice during these epic fights, Malenia is still impressive thanks to her speed and her mortal combos. She has terrified manyless in the world… except one!

let me alone, the greatest threat to Malenia

Certainly Maliketh and Radahn managed to defeat the goddess of rot, but did they defeat her 1000 times? No. The only one to achieve this feat is the legendary let me alone Her, who recently challenged himself Malenia 1000 times. She retransmitted the number 1000 death, which made her legendary.

Therefore, if there is a person to whom Malenia fears in the underworld, it is Kleintsuboiow, aka the terrible _let me alone Her,The nightmare of Miquella’s sword! Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the goddess of rot will have marked the minds of players around the world and, despite these 1002 defeats, Her power is still far from being tainted.