Sniper Elite 5 represents a new invasion mode in which a man-man can join your session as an enemy sniper. Therefore, adding a new PVP mode to the franchise. The next leadership will tell you everything you need to know about how the invasion mode at Sniper Elite 5 works and will give several useful tips on how to win the invasion.

How the invasion mode works at Sniper Elite 5

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In the “invasion” mode to your game as an enemy, a friend or a completely stranger can join as an enemy. They will take on the role of the axis sniper and begin to hunt you as soon as they join your game. You need to be extremely vigilant, be able to distinguish between enemies-people and AI and, ultimately, find and kill the invading player.

Keep in mind that the invaders cannot choose with whom to compare, since the system is completely accidental. So, if you and your friend hoped to fight each other, you are not lucky.

If you are interested in the multiplayer PVP mode, you will have to enable the invasion mode in the game settings. This is completely optional. If you like to play alone more, just leave this mode disabled.

tips on Sniper Elite 5 in the invasion mode

If you invade someone else’s game, you can use a soldier under the control of AI to find a defending player. Place a soldier with artificial intelligence and turn on the eagle eye. If this soldier notice a defending player, his last known location will be shown on your map. You can also increase the level of readiness of AI soldiers.

If you are a defending player and have been invaded, you have the opportunity to call a friend for reinforcement for a joint game. You will also be warned of the last known location of the invading player.

For a successful victory in the “Invasion” match, the invaders receive weapons, skins and other items. On the other hand, defenders also receive weapons and skins of characters for the successful killing of the invader.

Please note that with the invasion mode, all defenders will earn more experience points to help increase the level.

How to disconnect the axis invasion of Sniper Elite 5

At the first launch of Sniper Elite 5, you will be invited to turn on or disable the invasion mode. If you miss an invitation or want to cancel your decision later, you can open the parameters menu outside the mission to switch the invasion mode.

Please note that you cannot enable or disable the invasion mode during the mission. If you decide to enable the “Invasion” mode on the fly, you will have to interrupt your mission, return to the screen of the campaign mission, turn on the mode and start the mission again.