Lost Ark revealed his new roadmap on Wednesday evening. Not just does it show the brand-new web content for the following 2 months, however also exposes what is still taking place this year. To name a few things, some gamers need to be really disappointed.

What occurred to Lost Ark? Originally, the roadmap for the new content in Lost Ark should come in May.

The highlights of the roadmap: We split the highlights after the launch duration, yet also offer you a basic sight.

Besides that, new dungeons are waiting for you, a brand-new Legion RAID and new power passes as well as occasions.

Amazon likewise gives an outlook on the remainder of the year and what else as a gamer awaits you. This consists of countless new courses. The hotly anticipated Painter or musician will certainly no longer appear in 2022, which will disappoint some fans bitterly.


General roadmap:

  • A new class must show up every 2 months for the remainder of 2022.
  • It begins with the Arcian in July, that was already revealed in the outdated roadmap.
  • A brand-new express occasion as well as a cost-free Punika Power Pass ought to help gamers to catch up with brand-new courses.


  • The second myriad of Raid Vykas enters into play in June. It requires product degree 1.430 for the normal and also 1,460 for hefty setting as well as will certainly finish your relic set.
  • The new Guardian Raid Kungelanium additionally is available in June. He needs Gearscore 1,460 and also joins Deskaluda right into level 6 Guardians.
  • A new solo tower likewise enters into play with throne pire. He nurtures 50 floorings once more and awaits you at Itemlevel 1,325.
  • New skins are also being available in June.


** What are the designers asking forgiveness for? It was regarding not just new insects entered play that have actually not yet been repaired, however most of all concerning lack of interaction.

Many Lifestyle improvements will certainly additionally come by the coming months. The programmers also reveal bug repairs, new islands and occasions as well as brand-new shop updates. You are currently not mosting likely to enter into even more information.

It ought to have happened with the insects that have landed on the web servers when blending the 2 builds. The whole statement can be read in the Roadmap on Playlechtark.com.

Amazon.com apologizes for interaction

They stress that it is a big task to construct the western version of the video game as it is currently the instance. Old material that pertained to Lost Ark years ago must be blended with completely brand-new systems. When we merged the web content and also talked about the details, a few little points lost or slid in the patch notes.

This irritated some fans and so far the programmers had actually not talked about it. With the Roadmap, however, you currently create a declaration and also apologize.

So web content did not enter play with the upgrade, but they were revealed in the patch notes. Shortly thereafter, Amazon merely deleted the equivalent lines in the patch notes. Some things likewise found their means into the game, which were not revealed whatsoever.

What does Amazon.com state about the claims? The programmers explain in the Roadmap that nobody had actually functioned as well as well as that there were no certain content missing out on or were as well much there. They associate with the hard teamwork between Amazon and Smilegate teams.

  • The next illusionist course comes into play with the Arcian. She combats with a card collection and depends on illusions and speed. Generally, it is considered to be challenging to play and to allows a great deal of damage.
  • The widely known Legion Raid Valtan gets the Snake pit trouble. There, brand-new auto mechanics and far better loot await you there, which ought to reveal everybody how wonderful you are. You can test Inferno-Valtan from Itemlevel 1.445.
  • The Abyssal dungeons in difficulty setting await you in July. You can finish among the week per roster. This gives you a whole lot more loot.

What do you assume of the roadmap? Do you think the new Legion Raid is currently proper?

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Lost Ark revealed his brand-new roadmap on Wednesday evening. Not just does it show the new content for the next 2 months, but additionally reveals what is still going on this year. Initially, the roadmap for the brand-new material in Lost Ark need to come in May. The programmers also introduce bug repairs, new islands and also events as well as new shop updates. Old content that came to Lost Ark years ago should be blended with entirely brand-new systems.