Yesterday it was held at the Romareda , Hogar del Real Club Deportivo Zaragoza, the second edition of the YouTubers Partidazo that so successfully harvested in 2019 at Santiago Bernabéu. As happened 3 years ago, the team commanded by DJ Mariio wanted the Revancha against the team led by Emgrefg , which won the first edition in the penalty shootout.

Well, as expected from the world star, if there is anything at stake that can be won, It will always be Grefg to take the cat to the water.

A game full of laughs and emotions to the leather

The match had invited to height, with two black leg coaches such as Jorge D’Alessandro and Tomás Roncero . In turn, the referee who led the encounter between these creators of Spanish-speaking content was nothing more and nothing less than Cristobal Soria , who left us one of the great moments of the night after a verbal struggle with A co-worker of his, leaving the phrase you think I am Mateu Lahoz and this is Madrid for the annals of the history of our country.

In addition, another person who starred in the encounter for his huge theatrical skills was Iillojuan , who at 20 minutes of the game pretended a serious injury that would leave him without walking to go to comment on the game with Ibai Axel and Miguel Ángel Román while drinking a beer and enjoyed the game as he liked.

The encounter as such was a true show for all who participated. Spursito was one of the players of the game after a goal and causing a pen, who took the car from the first minute of the game.

The game, in the 80s, was going to goals with a somewhat sleeping game for fatigue. However, it was Spursito who gave him a lot to meet after his goal in the last minutes of the game. However, a penalty taken out of nowhere by Cacho01 caused Mario to mark the decisive penalty in the last seconds of the meeting , with a celebration that ended in tragedy since he was injured when doing it.


Already on penalties, several of the stars that shone with their own light during the party failed at the most important moment, unlike the others that hit with total security. The decisive penalty was that of Vituber , who threw a ball that perxitaa was able to stop without problems. Thus, Thegrefg continued with its hegemony in this great game that we hope is repeated in 2023.