H2 Interactive (CEO Hur Joon-ha) is an action adventure game developed by KEOKEN Interactive and published by Wired Productions ‘Deliver Us the MOON’ PS5 Korean version 6 It will be officially released on the 24th of the month and will provide free upgrades to existing PS4 Korean buyers.

‘Deliver Earth Moon’ is a SF thriller action adventure game unfolded in the end of the world, in the near future where the earth’s natural resources depleted. To solve the energy crisis, mankind established the World Space Agency (WSA) and secured new energy resources from the moon.

The World Space Agency has made the moon a colony, but one night, the moon and the earth’s communication is interrupted and all energy resources disappear. Years later in the day of destiny, you must be the last astronaut of the earth to investigate the truth of the incident and perform a mission of death to save humanity.

The only colleague in this mission is the small drone robot named ASE. Along with the robot, we have to travel around the moon, explore the abandoned facilities, collect clues, and ultimately we have to reveal the secrets of people who have disappeared long ago and behind the incident.

The PS5 Korean version of the Dilibers Earth Moon is as follows.

■ The shadow and reflection represented by the graphics and rate racing remastered to 4K.
■ You can play faster with shorter loading, adaptive trigger and controller speakers.
■ A realistic story about real issues such as climate change and depletion of natural resources.
■ You can enjoy magnificent adventures beyond genres that cross first and third-person play.

■ Travel the space station and explore the moon surface in the freedom of zero gravity with walking, rover or monorail.

■ ASE drones, the only colleagues, with advanced technologies such as space suit, cutting laser, rocket and robot arms of a new era.
■ To solve complex puzzles, use various tools and all wisdom to overcome the risk of blocking obstacles and to reveal the secrets of the past.
■ Inspired by various SF films, 3 hours of original soundtrack.

For more information about the release of the Deliver Earth The Moon PS5 Korean version, please visit the official website and Facebook, and YouTube and PlayStation Store.