[NFT Moon Young-soo] Dominus Games (CEO Jeon Myung-jin) announced on the 13th that it signed a strategic investment partnership agreement with Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) for ‘Gyeolgang Ho Black Black Thermal NFT’.

The Black Black Black Black Thermal NFT Project is aimed at the Game PFP NFT, which has been developed in the next level in the PFP (Profile Picture) NFT, which is a hot trend. Buyers will not only buy 5,000 black winds accumulated in the veil and use them as their profile photos, but also participate as VIPs of various enthusiastic IP expansion projects and P2E games.

Through this agreement, the two companies plan to join forces to synergy in the NFT business, with the enthusiasm IP, which has achieved great results in existing cartoons and games. In addition, it plans to continue to invest in strategic investments in the roadmap of passionate NFT, rather than one-time investment, and collaborate with the area of blockchain and P2E games.

Dominus Games is a publisher specializing in blockchain game that secures the mobile game of the hot blood IP and the blockchain game.

Jeon Myung-jin, CEO of Dominus Games, said, We are very happy to be with Neowiz, which is more active than anyone in the blockchain field, he said. I said.

Meanwhile, the Blood Black Black Punghoe NFT is scheduled to be published on June 16.