Apex Legends , whose rank system has been significantly changed in Season 13. It seems that developers have revealed their intentions and future policies. Overseas media THE LOADOUT reports.

In the APEX LEGENDS season 13 Savior, the rank match system has been renewed. As a major change, rank tier has been demoted, and the amount of RP that can be obtained by killing and ranking has been adjusted. The kill RP in a low rank has been revised downward. While there are voices that the skill level is accurately reflected by the introduction of the demoted system, etc., some users are dissatisfied. In particular, criticism seems to be raised in the current situation where players with extreme rank differences, probably because of the problem, match each other.

Under these circumstances, THE LOADOUT interviewed Evan Nikolich, a design director. He talked about the intention of changing the rank match and future coordination in the interview.

The APEX LEGENDS season 13 patch notes announced two policies of the rank system change. There was a policy that so that players play as a team and aim for victory and Get RPs will reflect the skills of the entire player’s whole game accurately. Nikolich seems to think that the first policy is well reflected. Under the new rank system, the team has survived longer, and the play for the end has become even more intense. Probably because the low-ranking kill RP has decreased and the early battle has been avoided.

On the other hand, Nikolich says that there is room for improvement in the player’s rank distribution. It is said that each game skill will be reflected fairly and a more accurate ranking will be performed.

Next, the second policy is to accurately reflect the skills of the entire game on the acquisition RP. Nikolich seems to think that adjustment is insufficient at present. He states that the change system in the new season has improved the previous system, which was able to rank up with a reluctant strategy. However, there is also a problem that high skill players stay in the lower rank for a long time. They will work on improvements so that players will separate them faster according to their skills.

On the other hand, it also mentions the improvement of the rank matches that participate in solo. Previously, SNIP3DOWN Eric Wrona, a former professional player, posted an improvement proposal on SNS. He said that a party consisting of solo and duo is disadvantageous for full parties and should reduce participation RP. Nikolich, who was told about the proposal, stated that such adjustments could have unfair benefits for the team. However, he believes that there is room for improving the solo play game experience. Although the details are not revealed at this time, it is said that there is currently an effort to improve.

Nikolich finally asked about the fluctuation of the basic policy, saying, The rank match has so far shaking between kills and ranking. He received a question and commented that it was the nature of rank mode itself. On the other hand, it is said that past ranked match experience has also solidified. He wants to encourage team play with high skills in rank matches and aim for an environment where rank match is a way to professionals. Eventually, the professional team is aiming for an environment where players can search from players with the highest ranked match. On the other hand, he wants non-high-ranking players to enjoy the rank match. He said he was aiming for adjustments that make him feel strongly growing in his skills.

On the other hand, the details of the Season 13 Split 2 have not yet been disclosed at the time of writing this article. Nikolich said that he could not publish anything until he was completely tested and was convinced that it was possible to implement it. It is to continue discussions and make changes until the last moment. For that reason, he did not reveal his thoughts, even if he said, Some say that the gold knock-down shield should be withdrawn. The feedback from the players and the accumulated data seem to play an important role in development. He was grateful for the passionate player community.


A ranked match of APEX LEGENDS, which is being polished after feedback. The latest update on June 22 the other day, the participation RP was reduced, and the RP was raised in large quilts and a high-ranking kill. Based on the two policies: Team Play aiming for victory and RP system that reflect accurate skills, we will continue to coordinate.