The Creator of Content Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White Ha challenged the community to test your ability to complete from beginning to end Halo 2 Without dying in the optimum problem with practically all the skulls activated. That individual that completes this task might * win a tremendous amount of 20,000 dollars **

According to Pcgamesn, this challenge is virtually impossible because this problem is known as famous all heads on (LASO), that is, turn on some game modifiers game to make sure that enemies have more life and also than the Educator chief has less ammo in their weapons. Right now, a Reddit customer has actually reported having past halo 2 with this level of trouble, yes, his fatalities got to the 3 numbers. The obstacle is not to die.


At first, the YouTuber provided regarding $ 5,000 of reward, yet evidently, he recognized the trouble involved in this excellent difficulty as well as ascended as much as 20,000 . Much no one has succeeded, except a gamer who ripped off, according to Kotaku. This individual replaced his light with the invisibility camouflage with a head, which was extremely less complicated the challenge .

How to take part?

It is necessary that the difficulty is broadcast online with YouTube or Twitch, where it can be seen that the player picks the epic problem with the 13 turned on heads to modify the video game and make it a lot a lot more challenging. The distinct that should be shut down is envy **, which creates the impact stated in the paragraph above.