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Where to find dandelions in Tower of Fantasy

Dandelions can be found throughout Esperia in Tower of Fantasy. These are giant flowers that look like cotton balls and sometimes hide amazing awards inside! From dandelions, dandelion seeds always fall out, but several flowers will steam in the air, and you need to knock them down to get additional prey. That’s all you need to know about the dandelions of Esperia.

All dandelion locations in Tower of Fantasy

Northern Esperia

Contact the dandelion icons above to find all dandelions in the northern part of Espery.


South Esperia

Contact the dandelion icons above to find all the dandelions in the southern part of Esperia.

How to get dandelion seeds in Tower of Fantasy

As soon as you notice a dandelion, use the usual attack hit it, dispersing the flowers. If the flower falls to the ground, you can raise it to get a seed or something inside it (usually this is a black core). If it soars in the air, use onions to knock it down and pick up the prey. Sometimes the dandelion seed falls after the first blow on the flower, so you can immediately pick it up.

What to do with dandelion seeds in Tower of Fantasy

Dandelion seeds live in culinary section backpack. They can be eaten raw to get +1 for satiety and three percent +1000 HP, or prepare them using a culinary robot that can be found all over the world. You can combine dandelion seeds with other ingredients to open new dishes in the game.

Check out our guidance on how to get awards for the plot in Tower of Fantasy to get additional awards for research.

Splatoon 3 New Buki Wiper announced! From the rush & explosion to the support system, three new special weapons will be unveiled

Nintendo announced a new buki that appears in the Nintendo Switch software Splatoon 3 on the distribution program Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 held on August 10.

The new buki revealed this time is Wiper. The drive wiper in this category flies straight ink with the centrifugal force when shaking buki.

In addition, by gaining power and shaking, it changes to Tame-slashing. At a long distance, the ability to fly ink and attack with a tame slash at a short distance are likely to be attractive.

And a new Special Weapon was also announced. The first Energy Stand introduced was set up a refrigerator in the activated location. This refrigerator contains four drinks that have the effect of increasing the speed of traveling for a certain period of time. This drink can be obtained not only by the person who installed it, but also for his teammates, so it seems to be a good strategy to fight back with this drink.

Here, too, the new special weapon hop sonar generates wave at regular intervals when pierced into the ground. This wave allows you to mark the opponent’s position or damage it. In addition, the wave can be used by jumping, so let’s remember it as a solution.

The new special weapon Shark Ride, which was introduced last in this announcement, rides a shark-type vehicle and accumulates power, explodes when it stops, causing heavy damage to the surroundings. If you jump into your pockets with the opponent’s surprise, you will be able to greatly affect the situation.

In addition, some existing special weapons such as multi-missile, jet pack, Amefurashi, Ultra Hanko, and Nice Dama will also appear.

Xbox One Elite Controller Collection 2: Choice version could be en route

New video clip material has shown up out of nowhere, which shows a different variation of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller. This might already be on your means to us.

Most of all, the news is most likely to influence all those whose continuing to be periphery is also maintained in lighter shades. Up until now, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller has actually just existed in black, with the exception of a minimal scandal sheet in the halo design. The alternative variation must be available in a white shade.

Weißer Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller: Authorities confirmation until now

On the other hand, Microsoft maintains silence when it come to the fired up white elite controller. In the video, which just reveals around one and also a fifty percent mins and also is kept in the design of a timeless unboxing, a minimum of every little thing looks really practical at very first glimpse.

Rather, Twitter individual Rebs pc gaming drew focus to a YouTube video in which the white variation of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllers is unpacked. He creates concerning the leakage: I assume this is our initial video product of the Xbox Elite Series 2 White Edition Controller.

The gamepad itself makes a common high-quality impact. Youtuber Nicholas Lugo, from which the initial upload of the recordings comes, slowly raises the controller out of a security gumming pocket after eliminating the exterior packaging as well as holds it into his smartphone cam for a few secs. He turns it briefly and you can see his basic, yet rather worthy style in matt white as well as black tones.

Last present video: E3 2019 Trailer

Far, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller has actually only existed in black, with the exemption of a minimal unique edition in the halo style. Instead, Twitter customer Rebs gaming attracted interest to a YouTube video in which the white version of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controllers is unpacked. He composes about the leakage: I believe this is our first video clip product of the Xbox Elite Series 2 White Version Controller.

The initial descendant: teaser trailer for complimentary looters

You play a descendant with mystical acquired forces as well as fight to shield mankind from extraterrestrial intruders. The gameplay includes calculated manager fights with 4-player techniques, enter hooks, distinct character capacities, exciting gunplay and also great deals of looting.

  • Special as well as lovely characters-play as various personalities, each with their very own principle and fight design. The personalities will certainly have versatile components that allow players to sustain the personality decor. * Inspiring video game and also growth-equips your characters with 3 tools, 4 additional tools and different sub-weapons. Brand-new devices promote the growth of the character by integrating different parts, enhancing the values of the personality as well as tool or adding a new ability.

The First Descendant is currently in growth and also is to show up on Heavy steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and also Xbox Series X | s.

Nexon has published a new intro trailer for its upcoming cooperative third-person action-RPG shooter The First Descendant.


Nexon is looking onward to showing more of The Very First Descendant at Gamescom online in August-and for gamers who absolutely intend to have a look at the loot shooter, beta enrollments on the game side of the video game are currently possible. The shut computer beta is anticipated to start in fall of this year.

The First Descendant, which was formerly unveiled in an official Sony trailer under the code name Task Magnum, is a totally free cooperative looter shooter with a high-grade visuals, which was developed with the Unreal Engine 5.

After finishing objectives as well as defeating significant bosses, players can unlock effective new characters, equipment as well as upgrades.

  • 4-player co-op game-combine with other players for calculated co-op battles with four players. The incredible forces as well as skills of every player result in tactical fights for triumph.
  • Charming and unique characters-play as different personalities, each with their very own concept and also fight design. The characters will certainly have adaptable components that enable gamers to support the personality design. Do not miss your opportunity to slide right into the duty of twelve various characters throughout the shut beta examination in fall.

* Amazing struggles, dynamic action, a number of abilities as well as special weapons-experience interesting have problem with various personalities, each with distinct skills, complimentary activities as well as chain actions by enter hooks, added results as well as vivid firearms. The gamers produce the combat design they desire!
* Battles versus substantial manager monsters-fights versus huge employer monsters with various appearances and also abilities. Different pressures and also levels of problem boost the gamer’s dealing with spirit while you are dealing with not to drop in combat. Target at the gimmicks of the employer to experience a more portable and also strategy group video game.

  • Motivating video game and growth-equips your characters with 3 tools, 4 second tools as well as various sub-weapons. Use as well as change the equipment depending on the kind of fights that you encounter. Brand-new equipment advertise the growth of the personality by incorporating various components, enhancing the values of the personality as well as tool or adding a new capability. Obtain new items by fixing scenario missions or in globe missions in which teamwork is important. Use brand-new products to challenge you with even more facility tasks!

With fresh gameplay and unreal engine 5-graphics created by Nexon Games, the most up to date teaser provides the gamers a foretaste of the action-packed trailer, which will certainly later be introduced at Gamescom 2022 this month.

5 similarities between scarlet and purple Pokemon and Zelda Breath of the Wild that make us faith

The evolution of Pokémon’s video games tends to approach slowly but safely to the already legendary: Breath of the Wild . After several more or less successful experiments such as Pokémon sword and shield, and then Pokémon Arceus, the Game Freak teams finally seem to offer us the wild _pokémon that many have been waiting for years.

In any case, if you wondered why Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 was postponed until next year, the progress of the scarlet and purple game should clarify things: throw two games on this scale one next to each other It would have been totally counterproductive for Nintendo; And Xenoblade Chronicles 3 probably became for this same reason.

So, to get heat to what is going to offer the new Pokémon game, we will compare5 points in common hallucinating ones that will have scarlet and purple with Zelda: Breath of the Wild *.

Similar exploration mechanics

It is quite easy to notice and we can easily imagine that Game Freak developers have taken advantage of Eiji Aonuma and his teams to design a pleasant open world exploration. The mount condenses all the actions of Link in Zelda Botw: his shape to climb any surface, the glider… and even the motorcycle added in the second DLC.

There is still an unknown, the resistance or resource consumed by the multifunction bicycle . With other very important systems to consider, such as capture and combat, perhaps developers eliminate any mechanics that restricts exploration.

Choose the order to complete the objectives

In scarlet and purple Pokémon, players must complete three main search threads, one of which includes victory in the 8 sands, a classic objective for the Pokémon saga. The great news is that it will be possible to make them in the order you want , as well as Botw’s great dungeons, which went beyond killing Ganon as soon as the tutorial ended.

Something excellent for freedom of action, but we hope that the challenge adapts in some way as flagships are collected. If it is too easy in the vast majority of cases, this is a component that could bother some players if it is wrong.


The great outstanding freedom

Scarlet and purple also emphasizes total freedom of action, with its first truly open world, to be explored in the way you want, in the order you want . That is what is really going to do much to this license created more than a quarter of a century ago.

We can see that some elements of the world are also similar to Link’s latest adventures, such as the classic towers established by Ubisoft games that allow to have an excellent overview of the surroundings . However, it is impossible to know at the moment if its summit will require an address to achieve it.

Technically is not great

As usual, we will begin remembering that the people of the Game Freak study are machines that launch role-playing games at a dizzying pace . Under these conditions, it is difficult to compare it with a Monster Hunter Rise or the recent Xenoblade 3 that benefited from a much more generous development time.

So the truth is that the game is technically limited (being educated), it is shown in the trailer. But on the other hand, a true visual identity emerges from the environments that can be seen in the trailer. This world looks lovely and makes you want to explore, while only a few months ago, certain arceus areas made you want to cry blood .

A turning point in their respective sagas

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Game Freak has been playing with the massive open world for some time, leaving a lot of space for the family’s freedom of action . Pokémon sword and shield began to open the world and incorporated multiplayer incursions. As for Arceus, he freed himself from many rules anchored in the history of the series for decades to breathe a breath of fresh air that had been needed for some time.

So when scarlet and purple Pokémon see the light in November, no one will be surprised: it will simply be the sum of the advances of recent years, a form of realization and a marker for the coming generations.

Pc gaming computer mice to controllers, excellent video game presents to buy now


We all have pals and also family members who are passionate players as well as one of the most hard points to consider during this time of year is to buy them!
They take the last versions as well as laugh when you ask, What video games do you desire?
In this spirit, we, at Cogcononneted, have decided to put together a list of game accessories that would be ideal for providing a player!

Are you tempted to take out something from the list?
Have you seen outstanding game accessories provided?
If this is the situation, allow us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and do not forget to share on social networks!
And also don’t forget to find back following week for also more great video games during the Black Friday weekend!

Mom, I want to go to the department of e -sports

My child wants a professional gamer, but I’m still a junior high school student. Is it better to go to high school to the public?

I want to be a battleground pro gamer, but the school that I want to be the first place does not run the club, and I am worried about the second-ranked school.-

On Sunday afternoon, questions that may be somewhat unfamiliar came from the game coach academy Hongdae. On this day, the game coach academy held an e-sports college admission session for students and parents. The briefing session was not much different from other university career counseling. The information sessions were what universities they wanted, what they wanted to teach, and what kind of job they could have after graduation.

According to the Ministry of Education’s survey, pro-gamers ranked 5th in 2020 and 7th in 2021 in the job of elementary school students. There are only a few youth who become a pro gamer. The e-sports department can be the ‘Plan B’ of the youth who wish to gamer.


The e-sports industry consists of a professional gamer with league operators, broadcasters, media, spectators, consumers, and sponsors. The occupational ecosystem consists of e-sports education institutions, competitions and related jobs. The educational institution teaches professional gamer and coach aspirants. Related jobs include professional casters, sample designers, e-sports administrators, data analysts, and e-sports agents.

Lee Seung-hoon said, As the growth of the e-sports industry, the university is preparing for the e-sports department quickly. The department of e-sports in the university has not been completed yet. Therefore, there are two types of students who recommend going to e-sports department. The first is a student who wants to continue the pro gamer challenge even if he is over 20 years old. This is the case when he is a college team player and continues to enter pro gamers. Second is a student who wants to work in the e-sports industry as an activity outside the players.

The schools with e-sports departments include Chonnam National University of Science, Honam University, Suseong University, International University, Osan University, Chosun University, Shingu University, Woosuk University, and Soongsil University Global Future Education Center. There are some differences between schools, but majors are usually divided into professional gamer majors, e-sports industry majors, and e-sports broadcasting majors.

△ Pro Gamer major will participate in the competition as a member of the university team. Even after becoming an adult, it is suitable for students who continue to dream of professional gamers. Students can use the practice facilities in the university. △ E-sports industry majors can learn marketing, tournament planning and operation, and team management. You can collaborate with local governments and companies linked to universities. △ esports broadcasting major deals with actual broadcasting equipment and teaches classes.

One of the best schools is Chonnam University of Science. Lee said, It may be geographically unfortunate, but the performance is the best, he said. It is the first school that created e-sports departments. Another advantage is that the faculty has a higher understanding of esports compared to other schools.

In the field, there were various questions about entering e-sports departments. Do you have to give up high school studies to become a pro gamer? ‘You can see it. The department of e-sports can be a way to continue the areas I want to do when I can’t become a pro gamer.

Currently, there is no suitable curriculum for e-sports-related jobs such as coaches and directors. Lee said, If you go to e-sports department, you can create a job education opportunity little by little. I introduced it.

Lee chose ‘Valorant’ as the next generation of e-sports events. Usually, elementary school students and middle school students enjoy games, because these days are the main reason that students do a lot of ‘Valorant’. Normally, esports often connects games that were played in youth, so ‘Valorant’ is relatively likely to be the next generation of games.

If you are a junior high school student who wants a professional gamer, Lee said, In reality, it is not recommended to enter the public literary high school.

The Game Coach Academy will continue its admissions briefing at Busan Centum Branch on August 14. We have held this briefing session to deliver high quality information based on the know-how that has achieved about 2,000 consultations and the first place in Korea after the opening of the game coach. We have a recommendation and privilege of game coaches that have been completed through industry-university cooperation with 10 schools at home and abroad.

Ordeal after the break: Ahlen ended up Wattenscheid

Rot-Weiß Oberhausen as well as the 1. FC Düren, on the other hand, can check out a successful start to the season. Both won on Saturday afternoon and also thus remain unbeaten. RWO won 3 factors in the home game against SV Straelen. Öztürk first headed for the lead in the 8th min. In the 38th min, Holthaus after that struck a battery from 20 meters. The visitors hardly took offensive in the first round, yet after the reboot, steamed. It took 72 mins up until the connection. Propheters prolonged a free kick, Harouz pushed as well as hid in to 1: 2. RWO tottered, yet the slim lead held since the SVS left a number of great possibilities negligent.

Also at Wuppertaler SV, not everything has actually been running efficiently. In the draw versus SC Wiedenbrück, the WSV left crucial home meters. Train Björn Mehnert ought to not have actually been pleased with the preliminary. The 1: 1 for the break was rather lovely. The visitors took the lead after a quarter of an hour with Ruzgis after entering subscription. Wuppertal instantly matched by an Amedick very own objective (17th), but Wiedenbrück had even more of the game. Nevertheless, Daniel Brinkmann’s team did not have the necessary effectiveness.

While the SG Wattenscheid and 1. The gold hit scored Geimer 3 minutes prior to the end.

In the 2nd round, the experience was a lot more well balanced, there were possibilities on both sides. Monday, which was not yet on the area for a minute, hit 2: 2 (73. ). In the last mins, the Mehnert-Elf was really on the pusher for the first time, however it was no longer enough for three factors.

After 3 video games played, some teams from the Regionalliga West are already the alarm bells Schrillen-Allen at SG Wattenscheid 09, which experienced a 0-8 debacle at Rot Weiss Ahlen on Saturday afternoon. Until 0: 1 quickly prior to the break, the promoted team managed to supply the hosts to some level. With the range biscuit from Dej, this changed (38th). Since there was no more there Wattenscheids Sané, who injured his head in a air program. Ahlen got more as well as more flexibility after the tour as well as additionally utilized them. Özkara rapidly included the 2nd objective after the reactivate after the restart (48th). The Wattenscheider defensive crumbled as well as the home side played into a frenzy. Sezer easily made a preliminary choice in the 59th minute. Bulut according to the counter (67. ), Özkara per dirt (77th), Holldack after defensive error (83. ), Marzullo after a long pass (85th) and once more Holldack (89.) given the final rating.

Aachen must keep waiting

Soon afterwards, Prussia Münster celebrated a 5-0 win against promoted FC Bocholt, the Prussians welcome with 9 points from 3 video games from the top of the table. There was a course difference between the two opponents, even in round one, Bocholt was clearly inferior, however was barely 0: 1 behind by an own goal of Beckert (31st). In rounded 2, Remberg quickly placed the 2-0 after (48th), the layout himself after that transformed a fine to 3: 0 (59. ).

The mood in Rödinghausen is entirely different: game number two and also triumph number 2 for the SVR, this time at Fortuna Köln 2-0 won the 2nd defeat in the second house video game for Fragrance. It was a should have success that showed the show early by direct complimentary kick (3rd). Half a hr later on it was 2-0 for the efficient guests, Wolff got on hand after a flank from a short distance (33. ). There was little to see from the house group, which did not change in highlights in a second fifty percent.

Additionally at Alemannia Aachen, a tender plant is gradually sprinkling out of the ground. Due to the fact that also the third game of the period could not end Alemannia on Friday evening with a win. The Aacheners slept away versus Fortuna Düsseldorf II, as in the 2 video games before, got the begin, 0-1 in shortage (third), who profited from the reality that Uzelac previously stumbled across a cross pass. Later on, nevertheless, the Aacheners plainly took over the issue of activity and scored objective chances: Maus gave up front of the keeper, Bajric only hit the crossbar. Quickly before the break, the been entitled to equalization fell: Maus was 1-1 on the spot after a Bodzek racket (45. ). A similar picture in round 2: Aachen was clearly premium, the residence group defended passionately and also was able to give thanks to Caretaker Gorka, who caught a lotion day. After duplicated foul, Düsseldorf’s Corsten had to leave the pitch with the traffic light card quickly prior to the end, but that didn’t transform anything at the factor win of the home team. Aachen needs to remain to await the first win in the new season.

Schalke II can expand collection


Up until 0: 1 soon prior to the break, the promoted group handled to use the hosts to some level. The 1: 1 for the break was rather lovely. There was a class difference in between the 2 challengers, also in round one, Bocholt was plainly inferior, however was hardly 0: 1 behind by a very own goal of Beckert (31st). FC Kaan-Marienborn was additionally able to win on matchday 1 (2-1 versus Mönchengladbach II) and also, after the commendable 0: 2 in the DFB Mug versus 1. FC Cologne II with no factors and also 1: 8 goals so much brought 2 unsatisfactory afternoons.

On Sunday, the second team of FC Schalke 04 intends to play their third win in the 3rd game. The opponent is SV Lippstadt 08, who was totally free of play, however was able to effectively make his start to Fortuna Köln (1-0). 1. FC Kaan-Marienborn was also able to win on matchday 1 (2-1 against Mönchengladbach II) as well as, after the commendable 0: 2 in the DFB Cup versus 1. FC Nürnberg, return to day-to-day league life, the 1. FC Perfume II with zero points and also 1: 8 objectives up until now brought 2 disappointing mid-days.

What is Valorant?

Each character has an one-of-a-kind capability. These abilities enhance the function of a personality in a fight, do not offer him a substantial advantage neither make an overpowered choice. They can change your duty in a battle, such as having a healer on which to count or a person to restore a slaughtered teammate or someone to build a wall surface to protect your group while they retire or come with each other.

_ Valorantgetaways on computer throughout the summer of 2020. We have no precise date, and we do not know if Riot Games plans to release a beta version of the game for players to evaluate before its main release. For the moment, we have a handful of beneficial info, as well as we are thrilled to try the game when it comes out to the public.

_ Valorantappears like a combination betweenrainbow 6: Siege, Counter-Strike: Global offensive,With a handful ofoverwatch.The game has 2 groups made up of five players on each side, where they contend in a suit At the rapid price composed of the best of the 24 laps, with an aggressor team as well as an additional defending team.

_ Valoranthappens in a near-filure land, where all the characters in the game are hypernatural people. The places and maps made use of in the game are motivated by numerous areas in the real life as well as different societies.

We can anticipate routine updates ofvalorantthe gameplay as the game followers creates as well as the affordable scene comes to life. For the minute, we do not have a specific projection of the variety of personalities, brand-new weapons, new cards or new game modes that Riot Games plans to release forvalorantthe future.


We have our initial official introductionvalorant,Shooting game in the very first individual of Riot Games. It was pointed to completion of 2019 with a lot of supposition concerning what maybe and also how it was going to play. Now we have our solution.

Each personality has accessibility to the very same tools. If you find a weapon that matches to your gameplay, you can provide them to each character in the game and use it with each suit.

We have our initial main introductionvalorant,Shooting game in the first individual of Riot Games. If you locate a tool that matches to your gameplay, you can provide them to each character in the game and utilize it with each suit. Whilevaloranthas personalities who make use of a selection of various capabilities, the main purpose of the game is the performance of the accuracy of a player.Valorantoutings on PC during the summertime of 2020.

Whilevaloranthas personalities who utilize a selection of different capabilities, the major goal of the game is the effectiveness of the precision of a gamer. You can always beat another gamer if you methodically make a shot against him, also if this gamer is quicker than you as well as can uncheck a couple of bodies. 3 to four shots on the body of a player will eliminate them, but a shot is a killing simultaneously.

Scarlet and Purple Pokemon expose the space that the 9th generation in Nintendo Switch needs

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon will certainly occupy 10.2 GB in Nintendo Change Beyond the straight, Nintendo has actually taken the time to upgrade the scarlet pokémon and purple pokémon chips on its website, which additionally adds the dimension of both games. According to the estimated data of the Fantastic N, the Ninth Generation Pokémon will certainly occupy 10.2 GB in Nintendo Switch over.

While this continues to be in the typical Nintendo standards in terms of video games for its crossbreed console, it ought to be kept in mind that Pokémon sword and also shield required 12.4 GB of room. As well as, if we seek to the various other side of the balance, pokémon tales: Arceus had a 6.1 GB **.

Pokémon’s new shipments have stood out for offering brand-new creatures and also very varied biomes, something that guarantees many hrs of fun as well as, at the same time, raises the weight of the files. Anyhow, the last Pokémon present has actually left us with a great deal of uniqueness of scarlet and purple Pokémon, so we have great reasons to maintain the illusion till its launch on November 18 .

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple has managed to elevate the public’s expectations much more many thanks to the last Pokémon existing, which has actually left us more information about the animals that we will certainly discover in the so-called Paldea region . Because, up until currently, these video games have actually fascinated the fans of the franchise with details regarding their initials, their famous and also some of the pocket beasts that will certainly show up with the ninth generation .

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