Tower of Fantasy celebrates joint work with Discord from from August 12, 2022 to November 9, 2022 . During this period, you can get a free monthly subscription to Discord Nitro and a special set of TOF avatars, filled with intra-game goodies. This proposal is limited by users who first sign on Discord Nitro. If you have already received Discord Nitro in the past, you can create a new account to use this offer.

How to get a free set of avatars Discord Nitro and Special TOF Avatar Pack

Go to the game menu of awards clicking on the gift icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If you are on a PC, hold the Alt key so that you can use the cursor for this. Next, click on thematic event button at the bottom of the screen to find the offer of Discord Nitro. Click on to receive a NITRO proposal for redirecting to the page of receiving remuneration in your browser.

In the upper right corner of the page, click log in and enter your discord account. Then click on declare a link to create a link that you must enter into the browser to open the repayment page. When you see the message You received 1 month of Nitro, click next to open the payment page.

In order to successfully receive a NITRO offer, you must synchronize your credit card or another suitable way of post-paying payment to Discord. After the month of the free period, Discord will continue to issue you accounts for the cost of Nitro, so you will have to cancel the subscription later, if you do not want it. After synchronization of payment information, you will successfully receive the Discord Nitro subscription for one month.

Then go to Discord and enter user settings by pressing the gears next to the image of your profile. On the left, select Gift inventory and find a set of TOF avatars in the your gifts . Press Demand ** to get the repayment code that you can enter in the game to get the following items by mail:

  • Box with fragments of relic SR
  • 8 888 gold
  • White gauze eye mask

Keep in mind that the delivery of items can take several minutes, so do not panic if you do not get them right away. If you do not need a package of TOF avatars, you can transfer your code to a friend!


How to unsubscribe from Discord Nitro

If you do not want you to continue to issue accounts for Discord Nitro after the end of the free period, go to your Discord. User settings and select subscriptions from the left panel. In the Subscriptions section, click on a small cancellation button in the upper right corner of the Nitro banner and confirm your actions, clicking next to prevent accounts for this subscription in a month.

Check out our guide on how to access your mail at Tower of Fantasy to find awards for a set of avatars TOF.