Developer Obsidian Entertainment has added a new Shared Worlds function by implementing the latest part of the public test version of the backyard survival game Grounded , which is currently conducting early access/game previews. Was revealed.

The shared world is stored in the cloud, and sharing with friends can host the world while you are not online.

  • Shares can be owned up to three at the same time.

  • 50 Worlds can be shared.

  • Previous standard world (Standard Worlds) can be converted into a shared world via a save/road menu.

  • The shared world you own or share can be copied and played as a local standard world.

  • The shared world can be played only by hosting it as a multiplayer game.

  • Only one person can host a shared world at a time (other players participate in the hosted game).

  • The progress of the game that occurs while someone hosts the shared world will be restored, regardless of who will host the world.

Obsidian Entertainment also offers examples of use, such as the delivery of a saved world friend and the creation of a shared world that can be accessed from both Steam and Xbox/Windows Store. Please check the official website to access the public test version that can be used by this function. At the moment, the shared world function is a beta version, so it is important to note that there may be problems or reset or delete shared worlds.

Grounded will be released on Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One on September 27. The production of the anime series based on this work has also been decided.