Fortnite players can adapt their personalities with new outfits of the renowned Destiny characters-Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey and also the Foreign Exo-as well as brand-new cosmetics in Destiny design, such as back devices, directed slicing and sparrow glider. Destiny cosmetics will certainly be readily available tomorrow at 2:00 a.m. CEST in the Fortnite-Item Store.

In Lightfall, the gamers meet Calus, the deadly previous imperator of the cabal, who goes back to our solar system with the pyramid fleet as a trainee of the witness-the planetary nemesis, which existed for the initial time in Destiny 2: The witch queen. With the assistance of Strang, a new focus, the caretakers check out a new destination-Neptun’s shimmering city Neomuna-which is struck by Calus ‘massive and mystical darkness legion.

Pre-orders for Destiny 2: Lightfall are currently possible as well as every person who gets the Lightfall + Annual Pass Edition immediately receives the exotic automated rifle mercury storm and also extra.

Throughout the showcase occasion, the collaboration in between Bungie and Epic Games was introduced. As of today, Destiny is available in the Epic Games Store. Players who purchase Destiny 2 until August 30th at 7:00 p.m. CEST in the Epic Games Store also obtain the Destiny 2: thirty years Bungie plan free of charge.

Gamers can likewise try a new Fortnite island, which is motivated by the classic fusion Javelin-4 from Destiny 2 and was created by the Creator team PWR with the imaginative setting devices from Fortnite. The island is greater than just a remake, it likewise uses a gameplay in the style of control mode, with unique tools and ultimate abilities. The Fortnite island is currently live.

Throughout an unique show case event, Bungie revealed the first details of Destiny 2: Lightfall, the most recent development for Destiny 2, which will certainly be launched on February 28, 2023.

Fortnite-inspired decorative sets are likewise presented in Destiny 2-for the very first time, original Fortnite personalities appear in a various computer game series.

Additionally, Guys gamers can go into the stumbling blocks with cosmetics in Destiny design from September 17, consisting of Titan, Jäger-and Warlock costumes, a brand-new sharp pasta soup event as well as other accessories.

Bungie additionally exposed a brand-new partnership with Epic Games. Destiny 2 is now readily available in the Epic Games Store as well as web content from Destiny show up in 2 epic games: Fortnite and Loss People.

Lightfall is the penultimate chapter of the saga for light and darkness of Destiny 2 and continues the legendary background, the development of which expands almost over 10 years.

As component of this partnership, Destiny will appear in two EPIC games: Fortnite and also Loss Men.

Since today, 2 new decorative collections on the topic of Fortnite are offered in Destiny, which supply a classic attire layout made from Battle Royale for each Destiny course:

A neon metropolis: Neptuns untouched resources Neomuna becomes your playground. Explore the high-towering high-rise buildings and also neon-soaked roads of the city, where threat, appeal and keys lurk behind every edge.

Destiny 2: Lightfall

On top of that, the extensions of the darkness, beyond the light and the witch queen can be downloaded and used any system in the following week.

The brand-new period of Destiny 2 was also offered at today’s showcase event-season of the looters. Since today, the keepers can plunge right into the season of the looters to hunt Eramis, Kell of Darkness, that left from their jail and search the galaxy for effective antiques.

  • The titanium supplementary knightly black in the design of the black knight
  • The warlock accessory Painted Kitsune in the design of Drift
  • The seeker ornament infinite retribution in the design of Oblivion

The former imperator of the cabal, Calus, returns as a witness pupil. Calus ‘Darkness Myriad overrun. The keepers need to face her in the city and uncover the covert threads that incorporate us as well as acquire the capability to weave them.

The power of Strang: Lightfallpresents an all new focus aspect with strand., if the undetectable strings that form reality find it and also take control.. Utilize the power of hair in a manner that has actually never ever existed indestiny 2 _: Webles magnificent strikes and also makes use of amazing brand-new motion options.

In order to battle eramis, the keepers will drum a team loaded with bold travelers, combat themselves with brand-new activities and also find buried treasures.

A new ultimate advocate Destiny: finds new abilities and also brand-new adversaries in the epic campaign Lightfall. Explore Neomuna, fight the darkness legion and also take on the brand-new torments-powerful opponents who are requiring everything from the caretakers. For keepers that are searching for an also harder examination, there is the famous mode with a lot more challenges and also better premiums.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Criterion Version

  • New project + fabulous setting
  • New power: hair
  • New location: Neptune
  • New raid
  • New unique tools
  • And also a lot more!
  • Accessibility to period 20
    When pre-order, * Immediate activation
  • Unique spirit
  • Fabulous badge

Thedestiny 2: LightfallStandard Edition can currently be pre-ordered and also consists of:
Lightfall development

Destiny 2: Lightfall + annual pass

_ Destiny 2: Lightfall_ + annual passcan currently be pre-ordered and consists of:

During today’s display event, the revised RAID Königsfall, who will show up indestiny 2today, was additionally introduced. The raid, which initially originates from thedestiny – developmentkönig of the consumed , takes place on the major ship, where the players compete against Oryx themselves. The Königsfall-Raid starts on Friday, August 26, and also is available cost free for all players fromdestiny.

  • Destiny 2: Lightfall + annual pass.
  • Destiny 2: Digital Lightfall Soundtrack.
  • Pouka (approx. 20.9 centimeters)- number with LED lights as well as stands.
  • Lead Tradition publications.
  • Letter from Zavala.
  • Mini lithograph.
  • Vinyl sticker.
  • Unique Collector’s Edition badge.
  • Discount rate code of 10 %, which can be redeemed during a future purchase in the bungie Shop throughout the period. Some exemptions use.

  • Lightfall growth

  • New project + fabulous mode
  • New power: hair
  • New location: Neptune
  • New raid
  • New unique tools
  • And a lot more!
  • Access to periods 20, 21, 22 and 23
  • Exotic automatic rifle mercury storm, driver and accessory
  • Lightfall-Exotic Sparrow

  • Lightfall-Dungeon Trick
  • Rahool’s secret hiding location X4 (one per season, seasons 20– 23).
  • 2 ascendant alloys.
  • 3 ascendent fragments.
  • 1 unique cipher.
  • 5 upgrade components.
  • 1 exotic aesthetic material.
    When pre-order, * Immediate activation.
  • Unique automatic rifle mercury storm.
  • Unique motion.
  • Exotic spirit.
  • Legendary badge.

Gamers can likewise attempt out a brand-new Fortnite island, which is influenced by the traditional melting pot Javelin-4 from Destiny 2 as well as was created by the Creator group PWR with the innovative mode devices from Fortnite. Utilize the power of strand in a means that has actually never existed indestiny 2 _: Webles magnificent attacks as well as makes use of extraordinary new movement choices.

changed raid Königsfall .

A brand-new utmost project for Destiny: finds brand-new abilities as well as new enemies in the epic campaign Lightfall. In the period of the looters, who shows up indestiny 2today, the keepers will certainly conquer the Sea Sea.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Collector’s Version .

season of the looters .

At the party of the day, Bungie will arrange the World’s first race for the Königsfall-Raid, in which six-headed teams from around the globe complete against each various other to finish the raid.
The race for Globe’s First begins on Friday, August 26, at 7:00 p.m. CEST.

The witness’s arrival looms. In order to prepare you for the upcoming battle, the lead Empress Caiatl’s knowledge regarding Calus ‘thinking with you. Ikora’s notes regarding Osiris ‘confident vision of Neptune as well as finds the connection with Pouka, the strange spirit of the exo-strangers.


New tasks: most likely to interesting missions in brand-new activities filled with journey and also action without end:.

Gift from the Donner gods: New caretakers can quickly capture up with the present from the Donner gods, a complimentary, limited breast loaded with equipment, and also plunge into the experiences of the period of the looters. The breast readily available for all players consists of two unique as well as ten epic items and also can in the H.E.L.M. be gotten in the game.

Players who get Destiny 2 until August 30th at 7:00 p.m. CEST in the Epic Games Store likewise get the Destiny 2: 30 Years Bungie bundle for complimentary.
| Ketsch-Crash: In this brand-new 6-player offensive with a player search in ship-against-ship fights to stop Eramis and their gang of pirate from pluning the galaxy into turmoil.| Exploration: assembles treasure maps, searches for returns as well as treasures to your ship, while in this 3-player activity you are fending off aggressive pirate staffs.| Pirate most: ** Hammer out regular objectives and also capture effective relics that are concealed in the hiding locations of the pirate royal princes.

In the season of the looters, who appears indestiny 2today, the keepers will overcome the Sea Sea. Eramis, Kell of Darkness, has actually gotten away from her icy prison and collects a crew of lawless to discover powerful relics. In order to thwart their strategies, the keepers recruit their very own staffs of banned as well as Halunken in brand name brand-new tasks, furnish themselves with the modified focus Arkus 3.0 and feel treasures in the whole system.

The Destiny 2: Lightfall Collection agency’s Version can be pre-ordered in the Bungie Store (citizens of the EU and Great Britain can be acquired at and consists of:.

Arkus 3.0: utilizes the extraordinary power of the modified Arkus 3.0 focus. Owners can adjust their arkus play style with elements as well as pieces as well as release a tornado for every course with powerful brand-new abilities.